The Biden Agenda

Joe Biden ran on a typical Dem platform and as usual the claim of a progressive president was a lie.

I was not a supporter of Biden for I saw what he was….one of those supposed ‘centrist’ that will do whatever they can to keep progress to a minimum and play that damn silly game of bi-partisanship.

With about a year before the midterms let us look at the so-called Biden agenda.

Since I have a degree in international relations let’s start there with the Biden agenda.

It has been nearly 70 years since the United States elected a president with the foreign policy and national security experience that rivaled Joe Biden’s. His only rival in this category, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, placed troglodytes in key positions such as the Dulles brothers (John Foster at State and Allen at the Central Intelligence Agency) and Vice President Richard Nixon, who were ideologically opposed to dealing diplomatically with the Soviet Union. As a result, Eisenhower missed a significant opportunity when the death of Joseph Stalin opened the door to possible negotiations with the new leadership in the Kremlin.

Not even Eisenhower had the experience that Biden accumulated over nearly 50 years in government that included 20 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (12 of those years as chairman or ranking member) in addition to eight years in the White House as vice president. During the campaign of 2019-2020, Biden frequently cited his trips to more than 60 countries and his one-on-ones with more than 100 national heads of state. Biden privately boasted about his ability to dominate the national security bureaucracy, stressing that not even the “military will fuck with me.”

The Mounting Confusion of President Biden’s National Security Policy

Yes he got out of Afghanistan but beyond that the agenda is the same agenda that we have had for the last 100 years…..foreign policy controlled by the M-IC.

Biden’s domestic agenda is weakening almost daily…..

The worst strike against Biden’s agenda is the Republican refusal, for the third time, to even debate the Freedom to Vote Act that’s intended to override the sinister 33 laws passed by 19 GOP-led states to suppress the voting of minorities. They generally cast ballots for Democrats. And this after Manchin watered down the proposed law to make it more palatable to Republicans.

“Look – hey look, it’s all about compromise,” Biden said at a CNN-sponsored town hall meeting last week.

Biden Agenda Weakening, Voting Endangered

Then there is more to the domestic side of the Biden agenda…..just how well has that panned out?

Police Reform–failed

Voting Rights (2 bills)–failed

Paid Family Leave–failed

Lower Drug Prices–failed


There are other failures but the above are the most wide ranging for the people of this country.

So far I have seen nothing that would make me run out and vote for Biden….plus for Americans that actually work through the policies will find nothing positive in the Biden agenda.

Now the Dems must run for re-election, especially the House, and what do they have to run on?

I feel the Dem candidates in the mid-terms are so screwed…..2022 will not be a happy election (just my thought nothing scientific)…..

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16 thoughts on “The Biden Agenda

  1. I can see from your list there that there’s not a lot of incentive to run out and vote for Biden… and quite honestly, in any normal election year (before the Trump era) I would be inclined to agree with you. Now.. if Biden chooses to run for a second term.. (which presidents usually do but I still have a suspicion he might turn it over to Harris) or he does not.. the GOP candidate running against him will be Trump himself or certainly a Trump minion. So.. is the question more about “I’m not voting for Biden because of his failures.” or is it all about, “I might have to vote for Biden (or Harris) in order to save the country from more Trumpism.”?

    1. So our choices will be a failure or a butthead….some choice… the country will continue to suffer at the hands of minions of the corporate run government….oh goody I am so glad I am old. chuq

      1. Sadly true and that is why we have such a mess in this country… is about the Rs and Ds not what is best for the country…..and the rabbit hole gets deeper with every election because of the ‘two evils’ thing. chuq

      2. Voters need to move on from the R and D thing……if this country is to survive it needs to focus o policy and not some silly slogans……chuq

  2. Reports from Rome state Biden had a ‘bathroom accident’ during talks with The Pope. By all accounts he shit himself whilst chatting to the pontiff. Now THAT’s my kind of politcal news! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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