Is White Hegemony In Decline?

First that word–Hegemony.

According to Oxford Bibliographies, “hegemony comes from the Greek word hēgemonía, which means leadership and rule. In international relations, hegemony refers to the ability of an actor with overwhelming capability to shape the international system through both coercive and non-coercive means” (Norrlof, 2015). The Oxford English Dictionary defines hegemony in the following manner: “leadership, predominance, preponderance; especially the leadership or predominant authority of one state of a confederacy or union over others.”

For decades there has been a fear of the white domination of society was being slowly eroded away…..and the last census is proving that fear warranted….

William Frey, of the Brookings Institute, reports, “Yet most notable is the small decline in white population — the first in any census since 1790. During much of the nation’s history, white population growth mirrored the national growth rate, including a substantial slowdown during the Great Depression.”  He adds, “Yet, since the 1970s, white population growth has shown continued declines — plummeting to just 1.2% in 2000 to 2010 and now to a -2.6% loss (or over 5 million people) for the 2010s.”  And he notes, “Fewer births and more deaths resulted in a natural decrease (more deaths than births) for the 2010s decade, even before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Frey goes further noting two parallel develops that compound the overall demographic shift.  “All of the nation’s 2010-to-2020 growth is attributable to people of color—those identifying as Latino or Hispanic, Black, Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Native American, and as two or more races,” he finds. Adding, “Together, these groups now comprise more than 40% of the U.S. population.”  In addition, “Between 2010 and 2020, the nation’s under-age-18 population registered an absolute decline of more than 1 million.  …. As a result, white Americans now comprise less than half of the nation’s under-age-18 population.”

The End of White Hegemony?

This fear has been driving conservative agenda for decades…..that lead to the unrealistic immigration policies of the recent past…..and during the reign of Trump all this angst came to a head….and continues today….

But not to worry Texans (go figure) have been called to defend the white demographics.

Charlie Kirk has been accused of having “a fraught relationship with facts,” and spreading conspiracy theories and outright falsehoods while being the founder and head of the right wing activist group Turning Point USA.

TPUSA may be best known for its now-former communications director who touted Hitler to defend the term “nationalism,” declaring that the “problem” with the genocidal Nazi responsible for the slaughter of up to 17 million people around the world was that he wanted to expand his reach beyond Germany: “if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize.”

Here’s Kirk declaring that Texas must “deputize” its citizens, and place them on the border to protect “white demographics in America” to fend off “the invasion.”

“Texas, whether they like it or not, are front and center smack dab in the middle of the great question of our time, which is who runs the country?” Kirk said Thursday on his radio show, as Media Matters reports, before he began to attack President Joe Biden.

“What do you do when you start to have a apathetic tyrant – no, apathetic when it comes to immigration law but very engaged when it comes to forcing vaccinations – what do you do?” Kirk asked. “Deputize a citizen force, put them on the border, give them handcuffs, get it done. Sure that’s dramatic. You know what’s dramatic? The invasion of the country.”

Time for the people of this country to realize that we ALL are children of immigrants….the so-called Christian Right should lead this push but instead are the very ones adding fuel to the hatred fires raging in our society.

This saga will continue for decades to come…..

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4 thoughts on “Is White Hegemony In Decline?

  1. Of course it is in decline. Why else are republiKKKan Nazis trying to prevent people from voting unless they are white males? They are trying desperately to hold onto power. The racist Pat Buchanan started this brushfire in the late 1970s as the republiKKKan Nazis began their ascendency.

  2. There have been recent reports here showing that the white British birthrate is in ‘terminal’ decline, with only 1.5 children per couple as an average. By contrast, the families of non-white British people and immigrants have increased to 3.9 children per couple. That has also caused some stirrings among right-wing thinkers here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Our latest census showed the same thing happening here…the Hispanic sector is growing almost twice as fast as the white…..and the haters are scared to death. chuq

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