Would A Split Be Good?

For a decade there are many that have wanted certain areas or states to secede from the union….and since the election of the guy that came before the present leader of the pack that cry has gotten louder and now it seems there is a conversation about a national split….

“The divide between Trump and Biden voters is deep, wide, and dangerous. The scope is unprecedented, and it will not be easily fixed,” said UVA Center for Politics Director Larry J. Sabato.

“In order to figure out ways to bridge these divides, we need to understand not just the divides themselves, but also understand the ways in which we can, together, move forward to reach common ground. This project helps us do both,” said Larry Schack of Project Home Fire, a new initiative partnering with the UVA Center for Politics.

The report top-line revelations include: “Trump and Biden voters are at crisis stage”; there is tremendous “fear and distrust among Biden and Trump voters”; and “Many Trump and Biden voters believe the deck is stacked against them, and their commitment to democracy is wavering.”


But let us not point the fingers too soon….Dems are in this boat as well…..

52% of Trump voters somewhat or strongly favor Blue States seceding to form a separate country. 41% of Biden voters want the Red states to do the same. Strongly feel this way: 25% of Trump voters and 18% of Biden voters.

I admit that I have wanted my three southern counties of Mississippi to go their own way….the rest of the state was too conserv and made progress in the 3 counties….but that was before Trump when morons.  But I still think the 3 counties would be better off on their own.

Not to worry this country is already split…..just no one wants to admit it.

Nineteen states have enacted 33 laws that make it harder for people to vote, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. Fifteen states made it harder to apply for a mail-in ballot. Four states limited mail-in ballot drop boxes. Four states imposed stricter mail-in ballot signature requirements. Eight states imposed harder voter ID requirements. Seven states made it easier to purge voters from the rolls. Three states reduced the number of polling places and voting hours. Three more states reduced the number of days or hours of early voting. Five states made it harder to vote for people with disabilities and two states made it a crime to hand out water or snacks to voters waiting in long lines to vote.

Nineteen states have enacted a total of 106 new laws restricting a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Twelve states enacted outright abortion bans, and Texas enacted a law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, which is effectively a ban on abortion since most women don’t even know they are pregnant at six weeks. Twenty-five states require a waiting period, usually 24 hours, before an abortion can be performed. Twelve of those states effectively mandate that women must return to a clinic twice over a two-day period before obtaining an abortion. Eighteen states require “counseling” before abortions, including notices of a purported link between abortion and breast cancer, the alleged ability of a fetus to feel pain, and the unproven long-term mental health consequences of abortion.


These are dangerous times…..and the country sleeps through the danger.

What do you think?

Should this country bow to the stupidity of the day?  Or fight to keep the country we all love?

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35 thoughts on “Would A Split Be Good?

  1. In an ideal world, we are better united but there is no way that would be easy as merged as we are. Any split would eventually end up with a civil war at some point I think. We don’t like ‘liking’ one another more than we like ‘despising’ one another.

  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    In my view … I think this would be perfect! Yet I know I’m just dreaming!! … “These are dangerous times…..and the country sleeps through the danger. What do you think? Should this country bow to the stupidity of the day? Or fight to keep the country we all love?” … don’t know if there’s enough fight!! Surely doesn’t feel like it!!

  3. Hi, there dear friend … sharing as always! Matter of fact, I don’t know if I love this country anymore. It’s kinda my adopted country even though Puerto Rico is its colony. My country is PR and it;salso messed up there!! Makes me quite sad!! 😦

  4. I think there is a better focus to be made that this is NOT an issue of “Trump voters and Biden voters”. This national divide is entirely about Trump supporters and anti-Trump supporters. The elections are about Trump vs. Biden. This imaginary talk about secession is all about Trump supporters and anti-Trump. But let’s continue the game here…
    There will be no “peaceful” secession with some idea of avoiding an all out civil war. That’s against the Constitution and I am sure the vast majority of the nation has zero tolerance for a “unified” desire to secede. It’s completely against the grain of our democracy. A repeat of 1860? Some state(s) might try that…. but that creates some kind of conflict between those states and the federal government inevitable. Wall Street would immediately be affected and that trickle down will affect the economy drastically given the loss of confidence spreading. This is not your daddy’s “1860” horse & buggy economy… and there’s no more “mustering” an army.

    These are very questionable times and any explosion will be the result of election tampering by legislatures in one or both of the next two elections. A lot of “smart” analysts and strategists and media savvy people on both sides are deeply worried for the democracy because the signs are there. Election Day 2024 is the next “doomsday” regardless who wins.
    The “good” news is that November 2024 is a long way away.. and any number of events can pop to alter the trajectory of that political “asteroid” from hitting us.

    1. 2022 will tell if there is a tidal wave or a fart in the bath tub……militias are growing…..divide seems to grow wider……and voter grows dimmer…..the future is not bright…..chuq

  5. I live in California, the 5th largest economy in the world. While many speak of this “civil war” that is brewing, they should probably consider that, without some of the most powerful states, the smaller ones would shrivel up fairly quickly…if only hatred and lies weren’t so widely distributed by media for the sake of ratings and clicks…

    1. I as well, John. High desert here. You make the essential point… instant communication around the world. Anyone’s opinion, be it intellectual or pure idiotic gibberish, can go around the world and someone invariably will sign on to it.

  6. I cannot see how it would be possible for the US to split into two countries again now. So much of the ‘anti-Trump’ country would be on the two opposite coastal regions of the east and west, it would be impractical. And you personally would end up living in the ‘Modern Confederacy’, I’m sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  7. We/they tried this in 1861. Not particularly happy results and the after effects still haunt the USA. Knotheads who want a civil war to straighten things out probably never served in the military or have John Wayne fantasies about “taking out them liberals”. Better yet, we work out living together.

      1. Not to confuse old men like chuq here with all these “Doug’s” showing up at the same time, but, Mr. Doug, you indeed echo the feeling of many I have encountered online and in real life… including myself. And if I were to define the over rated usage of the term “patriotism” for political reasons, I would surely consider an accurate definition would be those folks who are being deeply affected internally over all this Trumpian nonsense. It sickens the soul. You are not alone.

      2. I almost puke to see the American flag pin in his lapel. In fact, any politician wearing one automatically makes me want to do a patriot’s test on them. I was pleased when Obama showed up without one initially, though even he bowed down to the practice.

    1. Thank you. People have stupid action movie fantasies about what civil war looks like, where they come flying out with their big guns, taking out the “bad guys.” Whereas the reality is long and messy and painful. Your friends and family members die. You get shot in the leg and get gangrene because there are no health care facilities open in the area. Businesses and stores close down–no food. Most of these keyboard warriors would be screaming uncle after just a few weeks of their “Great Reset.”

      1. Doug and Doug….democracy about the people speaking….once the initial vote is past their voices mean nothing. chuq

  8. Even tough the name of the country is the United States, I wish that the concept of states would fade away. Just another means of dividing people. Isn’t is strange how those people forget the “United” part so easily?

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