Anatomy Of An Insurrection

This is a piece I wrote for my op-ed blog….I want to keep the insurrection, the failed coup, of 06 January, in the minds of my readers….this is something that should NEVER be forgotten like so much of our history. chuq

Gulf South Free Press

First I would like to think the mindless horde for the insurrection of 06 January because it gave me the chance to use an under used diploma in Political History…..where I look at the history of this country the founding and the years forward onto the present.

Since the very beginning the fires of insurrection have been with us….first it was a slow simmer while the country came together politically but not physically and the flame of dissension was turned up to a boil that lead to the American Civil War….after the insurrectionists were beaten down the flame returned to a simmer….the reason for the insurrection was never extinguished and the simmer continued while the country slowly returned to some sort of political unity.

 In the 20th century the flames were once again raised and this time by Reagan…..his demonization of the poor with his tagline of ‘welfare queens’ started…

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2 thoughts on “Anatomy Of An Insurrection

  1. My Dad warned me that shit really started with Goldwater, and even he was not stupid enough to want religious lunatics involved, but he opened the four for them. Reagan let them in.

    1. I lay all this at the foot of Reagan…..he wanted the religious nuts and his rhetoric about ‘welfare queens’….he is the proto-Trump chuq

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