Labor Day–2020

Closing Thought–07Sep20

Labour Day 2020: History, Importance and Significance of May Day

As usual the Old Professor has a history lesson and a touch of sociology for you on this day that celebrates work…..

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. employment is dire. Economists estimate that 1 in 5 workers have lost their jobs. As a result, many people are finding it difficult to keep a roof overhead and put food on the table. Yet there can be more to work, and Labor Day provides an opportunity to see how through the writings of a woman who thought especially deeply about it, Simone Weil.

Weil looked at work as more than an exchange of money for labor. She argued that people need to work not only for income but also for the experience of labor itself. From her perspective, money does not solve the core problems of joblessness. Instead, work provides vital opportunities to live more fully by helping others.

Because it is a lazy day does not mean that something cannot be learned…..

Today will be a short day for me and I need to step away from the keyboard for awhile…..and what better day then Labor Day….

I hope all my regulars have a great day.

I will be grilling and drinking beer……a person has got to have some fun once in awhile…..

So until tomorrow…..I will return to my regularly scheduled posting….but until then…TTFN!

Labor Day (September) 2020 | When is Labor Day (September) 2020? - CalendarZ

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