Afghanistan…The Way It Is

We hear a lot these days about the US Troops in Afghanistan…..just what will it take for the war to be declared a success and the troops brought home.

One thought is that as soon as we can get the Afghan troops into a place where they can take control then ours can come home. Yet another is that the talks with the Taleban could bring about a cessation of hostilities and the troops can come home…..and yet another says we are there for the foreseeable future with NO chance of our troops coming home.

And then there is one more aspect that is usually missing from these calculations…..ISIS remember them?

ISIS has lost its caliphate in Syria and Iraq, but in the forbidding mountains of northeastern Afghanistan, the group is expanding its footprint, recruiting new fighters, and plotting attacks on the United States and other Western countries, according to US and Afghan security officials. Nearly two decades after the US-led invasion, the extremist group is seen as an even greater threat than the Taliban because of its increasingly sophisticated military capabilities and its strategy of targeting civilians, both in Afghanistan and abroad, the AP reports. Concerns run so deep that many have come to see the Taliban, which has also clashed with ISIS, as a potential partner in containing it. A US intelligence official based in Afghanistan says a recent wave of attacks in the capital, Kabul, is “practice runs” for even bigger attacks in Europe and the US.

“This group is the most near-term threat to our homelands from Afghanistan,” the official tells the AP, speaking on condition of anonymity to preserve his operational security. Their “core mandate is: You will conduct external attacks” in the US and Europe. “That is their goal. It’s just a matter of time,” he says. “It is very scary.” He says ISIS fighters captured in Afghanistan have been found to be in contact with fellow militants in other countries. Authorities have already made at least eight arrests in the United States linked to the IS affiliate in Afghanistan. “One of the hopes of a negotiated settlement is that it will bring the Taliban into the government and into the fight” against ISIS, the official says. “They know the mountains, they know the terrain. It’s their territory.”


Let’s face reality…..US Troops are there for the long run …..the troops may never come home in my lifetime…there will always be an excuse for them to stay in country.

At least the Russian had the good sense tp get out when they could….but our MIC is just too powerful to allow the troops to leave……the profits would cease and we cannot have that no matter how many lives it costs.

12 thoughts on “Afghanistan…The Way It Is

  1. The intent is to stay there forever to serve as a forward military base in place to respond to all military threats or incursions in the region by Russia, Iran and all Jihadist groups. The overall goal is to maintain and preserve the 800+ military bases from tiny listening stations to huge military bases and seaports as a military empire to protect and respond for US interests, security, and immediate response capability. Any excuses beyond that are frivolous and meaningless.

      1. You’re probably right. I did not mean to promote US in Afghanistan but merely stating the neocon premise or purpose. Being there does not protect from terrorist attacks as any group of half dozen or so can be anywhere in the world and plan attacks without any link to Afghanistan. Controlling the country has more to do with the heroin trade I think as it produces 70% of the world’s opium which is how the country finances itself.

  2. Yes that seems correct as heroin is cheaper than it has ever been on the street which leads to several questions about the integrity of the war on drugs. We allow Afghanistan to export opium for income. It’s the country’s biggest source of income. The Jihadists, the warlords, the tribal chiefs and the government each seem in a struggle to be the director of the trade to finance their particular agendas. Some have suggested we want a certain amount to enter for employment in the criminal justice system (think industry). In Miami, they allow several dope holes to operate as they are the crime scenes from where several hundred buyers are arrested (harvested) each weekend to create arrestees (clients) who must be processed at all the various levels of law enforcement and related adjuncts. It is blatant entrapment but law enforcement is able to claim it is not because they don’t operate the actual dope holes.

      1. I am not sure of the current situation but a decade ago there was a world wide shortage of legitimate medical morphine and several British companies tried to enter into partnership with Afgh to produce legit morphine from the opium as an export but seems too much to be made off heroin. I’ll try to research where US Pharma gets morphine and distributes legal medical.

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