Must We Stay In Syria?

Just a few short months ago our president stated that our troops would be leaving Syria because ISIS had been defeated…..first ISIS has not been defeated just given a bloody nose and second, the MIC did not give Trump permission to take troops out of Syria….but I wrote about it back then……

Now that the MIC has gotten their way and US troops will remain in Syria to protect Israel what will be the hidden costs of such a decision?

President Donald Trump was right to want to pull U.S. troops out of Syria and should not have let his advisers overrule him. The rationales the administration gives for keeping U.S. forces in Syria are impossibly ambitious, and vehicles for escalation. Elements of the administration, starting with John Bolton, the national security adviser, seem eager to use U.S. forces in Syria and Iraq as bait for a war with Iran.

We have occasionally hoped that Congress might bestir itself to vote on the U.S. war in Syria, or even end it. Instead, its members mostly criticized the possibility of withdrawal, avoided any vote on the war, and now have sponsored an expert report setting out an extravagant set of missions for the small U.S. force remaining there.

Last December, when Trump suddenly announced the withdrawal of all 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria and declared ISIL militarily defeated, foreign policy pundits across the political spectrum were appalled. The nation’s major op-ed pages wailed. With a few exceptions, most of whom are running for president, the Senate overcame its partisan divide to condemn the withdrawal of troops. Trump’s own secretary of defense, Jim Mattis, and his special envoy to the “Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS,” Brett McGurk, resigned in protest over the decision.

This should be the lesson for lawmakers…..once the US starts a war it is incapable of ending it.
Just saying!


5 thoughts on “Must We Stay In Syria?

  1. I have a feeling that no US troops will be leaving anywhere, anytime soon. It seems that those in power like to have them dotted around the world, just in case…
    Best wishes, Pete

      1. Why would it be pragmatic to abandon any presence in Syria and allow Russia and Iran to have free reign there from which to destabilize the region ? Containment is never over. Seems that the idea “We win then go back home” died right after WW II.

      2. We have done little to stabilize the region…I have seen nothing that needed doing with the exception of Afghanistan in 2001….we punished AQ and now we must take on the Taleban which will not be beaten using the containment theory….you can thank the Albright Doctrine for most of these wars….chuq

    1. I think you are exactly right. There is no intent of leaving anywhere an established presence is erected. Trump had to learn this and what would seem sensible to leave as he proposed is not according to military planners. They may be right.

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