Closing Thought–27Mar19

As we approach another election the Right has pulled out attacks from the 1950s…..socialism…..then there are the mental midgets like Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama (I expect this kind of stupid from a politico from Alabama)…..Brooks wants to link Dems to Nazis…..

Politico is pointing out that the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, aka the Nazi Party, “was fascist, not socialist—the opposite end of the political universe from socialists” following what it calls an “inane debate” among members of Congress. It began Monday as Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks accused “socialist Democrats and their fake news media allies” of perpetuating the “biggest political lie” in regard to accusations of collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. Standing on the House floor, he went on to read a passage from Mein Kampf, referring to Adolf Hitler as “another socialist who mastered ‘big lie’ propaganda to maximum, and deadly, effect.” Per CNN, his emphasis of “socialist” seemed intended to link Democrats and Nazis, though the two are “not comparable.”

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas continued the thread Tuesday during a Judiciary Committee hearing, saying he feared a corrupt Justice Department could usher in a future authoritarian leader. All that’s needed is “another socialist like Hitler to come along” and “we could lose everything,” he said. “As a Jewish person … I get offended when you compare socialists to Nazis,” responded Rep. Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee. “It’s what they were,” Gohmert countered before Chairman Jerry Nadler weighed in. “It’s hard to listen to historical revisionism or perhaps ignorance about the Nazis,” who were at the “extreme right of the political spectrum,” said the New York Democrat. Cohen wasn’t done. “The logical connection in their messaging is to say that socialists were for the Holocaust,” he said. That’s “abominable and scary.” (Brooks also links rising sea levels to erosion.)

Ever notice the ones the spread manure the thickest are old white guys….

Just another Babbling Buffoon Of Babylon!

14 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Mar19

      1. For what? The justified inquest for any wrongdoing concerning elections and the president.

        That a member of Congres cites mein Kampf in Congres and a reference to nazism in a Committee, that was a shock to me.

        History, critical thinking, to know where or when to compare one with the other not present.

        They really are lost in Trumpism

  1. This really scares me.
    I often discussed with some Americans that the casual use by them of the word nazi.
    The placing of the most gruesome pictures of the Holocaust just to prove some stupid point.
    I commented that placing such pictures for some stupid reason did dehumanise those people’s once again. That the were someone’s child, father, mother enz.
    They didn’t grasp what I meant.

      1. I wanted to add the following but it sended already.

        Shocking as it is that some Americans have lost their sense for what you can(not) compare concerning nazism and the US.
        But it really came as a shock to me that member of Congres starts citing excerpts from Mein Kampf. And than that commitee

      2. We have people like Rep. Steve King that embraces neo-nazis…out president will not condemn them by name… sad and embarrassing….chuq

  2. Don’t be embarrassed. We have also our fair share of misguided politicians.
    I realise that not every American is as ignorant as that member of Congres and the present president.

    Maybe a bit silly but this president doesn’t deserve that his function starts with a capital P. Someone has to earn that in my opinion and he doesn’t.

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