What Is She Thinking?

On this weekend in March I was having a helluva time thinking of something to write about….and then my canine companion, MoMo, gave me an idea…..I watched her analyze a door conundrum she had and she worked out how to get it open so she could go outside….

She spends a lot of time making me feel guilty about some things….

What is she thinking?

This is a planter I was going to use for my salad greens but someone decided otherwise……

What is she thinking?

Watching the world go by one car at a time……

What is she thinking?

The “snake” most die!

What is she thinking?

Okay you get the point, right?

I ask because of an extensive study done on dogs…….I am always fascinated when a study is done that involves our canine companions…..

We tend to think of humans as visual mammals and dogs as olfactory and auditory mammals, but science is challenging these stereotypes. The visual world we make available to our dogs is worth considering because it can impact their well-being. Let’s consider the canine visual cosmos.

Visual acuity in humans is often described using what’s called the Snellen fraction, which is the well-known ratio of “20/20” or “20/40” that represents the quality of one’s eyesight. Dogs have a Snellen fraction of 20/75. This means that what we can see at 75 feet, a dog can see only at 20 feet. Using this method of measuring acuity, dogs have worse vision than humans. But it would be wrong to claim that dogs don’t see as well as humans, since the Snellen fraction provides only one small window into the larger sense of sight. It would be more accurate to say that dogs and humans see the world differently. The visual acuity of dogs evolved to meet dogs’ unique needs, and different doesn’t necessarily mean better or worse.


Any one that loves dogs and are fascinated with their antics this study is interesting……

That does it for me on this Saturday……MoMo is demanding attention…I must comply…..resistance is futile…….and a must read.

Have a great day….Be Well, Be Safe…..chuq

9 thoughts on “What Is She Thinking?

  1. I enjoyed the article, chuq, and recognised much of what was suggested, from my observations of Ollie.
    But despite being able to identify so many of their moods and responses, we will certainly never know what they are really thinking. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. However she looks like ver intelligent. Sometimes i have the feeling the intelligence of human went back same ways the animals become more intelligent. Lol Have a nice week ahead. Michael

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