Gimme More! Gimme!

The weekend begins……

I was writing a post about the uses of psychedelics to treat some mental illness and got to think about how when using drugs it seems to be never enough and the need for more and more and then the addiction begins…..(or so I am old or did I read that or was it something else?)

I have written on this continuing story……

Now of course we have a new study that touches on this…..

Growing up, neuroscientist Judith Grisel would take little sips of alcohol at family events, but it wasn’t until she was 13 that she experienced being drunk for the first time. Everything changed.

“It was so complete and so profound,” she says. “I suddenly felt less anxious, less insecure, less inept to cope with the world. Suddenly I was full and OK in a way that I had never been.”

Grisel began chasing that feeling. Over the years, she struggled with alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. But along the way, she also became interested in the neuroscience of addiction.

“I’m always interested in the mechanisms of things,” she says. “And when I heard that I had a disease, I kind of felt naturally that that would have a biological basis, and I figured that I could study that biological basis and understand it and then maybe fix it.”

Never notice that all things that are likeable are also dangerous in one form or another?

That be it for this Sunday…..MoMo wants some attention and she does not take no for an answer……see you guys tomorrow….chuq


One thought on “Gimme More! Gimme!

  1. Most things we enjoy are bad for us, in one way or another. from doughnuts to cigarettes, wine to dope, that momentary rush conceals effects that come back to haunt us later. But what use is a life half-lived? We have to experience some alternatives, or just die of boredom. It’s a difficult balance indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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