Peace For Afghanistan?

After close to 18 years of US involvement in the armed conflict in Afghanistan there is a rumble of a possible peace within the country.

Personally, I say about damn time….what took so long?

An op-ed that appeared in Truthdig…….

It has been more than nine years since I resigned in protest over the escalation of the Afghan War from my position as a Political Officer with the US State Department in Afghanistan. It had been my third time to war, along with several years of working in positions effecting war policy in Washington, DC with the Department of Defense (DOD) and the State Department. My resignation in 2009 was not taken lightly by my superiors and my reasons for opposing President Obama’s “surge” in Afghanistan found support amongst both military officers and civilian officials at senior levels in Kabul and Washington.


Peace may be a pipe dream for Afghanistan….but with that said what would it take to get peace for Afghanistan?

Peace may be offering…the legislative body of Afghanistan, the Jirga, will be meeting to discuss peace talks….

Afghan politicians and tribal, ethnic, and religious leaders are set to meet for at least four days next month to discuss negotiations with the Taliban, President Ashraf Ghani’s special peace envoy has said.

Daudzai said that the consultative Loya Jirga will discuss the government’s “values and red lines” and will aim to come up with a framework for the Western-backed government in Kabul to engage in peace negotiations with the militant group.

Constant military surveillance of Afghans yields almost no real intelligence about the problems they face each day. An unusual group of volunteers uses a far different approach.



Hossein, a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, (APV), which hosted my recent visit to Afghanistan, rolled up his sleeve to show me a still-healing three-inch wound. Thieves had broken into his family home in Kabul. When they were discovered, one of the robbers stabbed Hossein.

I have been calling for an end for this madness…of course I am just a small voice in the wilderness but at least now there are more people seeing the need for an end to the war in Afghanistan for now all we are doing is throwing people and cash into a hole that will NEVER fill.

Give peace a chance….you might like it!

14 thoughts on “Peace For Afghanistan?

  1. If peace ever comes to Afghanistan, it will only be at the cost to the people having to live under the Sharia Law of The Taliban. They won’t be happy until they return the country to the Dark Ages.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree sorry to say that I will go with that if our troops can come home…since it was AQ that attacked us and not the Taleban I have no problem….it will suck for the women and children but it is their country and if they want it to stop take it to the streets….hard right? chuq

      1. I agree. It is up to the people of that country to fight the Taliban, if they choose to do so. Not the western powers. But we both know why the west wants to be there. Mineral wealth, and the opium poppy. Nothing whatsoever to do with the religious oppression of the people.

  2. Pea…[cough!]…feat! Afghanistan has swallowed up more than one world power in its history. We’re just the most recent. It started out as a bombing of Ben Laden’s terrorist training camp, didn’t it? What could go wrong?

    1. That is where I am AQ was destroyed Osama was on the run….we should have left it there and declared a victory…and spent our time looking for Osama and stayed out of Iraq….none of this smells of success. chuq

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