We Need An Anti-War Movement

A new Congress and the chance to do the right things……but will the Dems change anything?  It has been pointed out that they, the Dems, support our many occupations, more so than the GOP…..

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll has found that there is much more support for ongoing military occupations among Democrats surveyed than Republicans.

To the question “As you may know, President Trump ordered an immediate withdrawal of more than 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria. Based on what you know, do you support or oppose President Trump’s decision?”, 29 percent of Democrats responded either “Somewhat support” or “Strongly support”, while 50 percent responded either “Somewhat oppose” or “Strongly oppose”. Republicans asked the same question responded with 73 percent either somewhat or strongly supporting and only 17 percent either somewhat or strongly opposing.


A new year and a chance to change things as far as our war footing goes…..

Most New Year’s Resolutions last but a few days. By late January the crowd in the gym dwindles down to its normal size. Most resolutions are fantasy, a simple act of wishful thinking. We all know this. Still, dreams are what makes life tolerable. So, in that spirit, let’s take a break from the standard critique of existing US foreign policy and conjure a world as it should be, not as it is. Consider this the ultimate New Year’s make believe – a resolution to swear off militarism and forever war in the Greater Middle East.


I have been an anti-war supporter since I returned from my tours in Vietnam…..I still try to bring attention to war whenever I can because Americans have forgotten the horrors and the carnage that war brings.

Polls show that Americans do not want more war…..

Last week, the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy—a bipartisan advocacy group calling for congressional oversight of America’s lengthy list of military interventions abroad—released the results of a survey that show broad public support for Congress to reclaim its constitutional prerogatives in the exercise of foreign policy (see Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution) and for fewer US military interventions generally. Undertaken last November by J. Wallin Opinion Research, the new survey revealed “a national voter population that is largely skeptical of the practicality or benefits of military intervention overseas, including both the physical involvement of the US military and also extending to military aid in the form of funds or equipment as well.”


Interesting find but I think the results are skewed.  Why?

I find myself agreeing with The American Conservative which is asking the same question that I have asking for decades…..

“Imagine there’s no heaven…and no religion too.”

A more useful line when it comes to our current wars may be “Imagine there’s no duopoly.” It’s hard to fault John Lennon for his idealism, of course. In his day, many blamed religion on the wars of history. But a much bigger obstacle right now, at least in the U.S., is partisanship. The two major political parties, in power and out, have been so co-opted by the war machine that any modern anti-war movement has been completely subsumed and marginalized—even as American troops and killer drones continue to operate in or near combat zones all over the world.

Aside from the very early days of the Iraq war, the anti-war movement has been a small, ineffectual pinprick on the post-9/11 landscape. A less generous assessment is that it’s been a bust. After liberals helped elect the “anti-war” Barack Obama, the movement all but disappeared, even though the wars did not. By putting a Nobel Peace Prize-winning Democratic face on his inherited wars, Obama expanded into new conflicts (Libya, Syria, Yemen) with little resistance, ultimately bombing seven different countries during his tenure. By 2013, Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin lamented, “We’ve been protesting Obama’s foreign policy for years now, but we can’t get the same numbers because the people who would’ve been yelling and screaming about this stuff under Bush are quiet under Obama.”


All Americans need to wake up to the world around them…..this country is in 149 countries and fighting in many of those.

Now is the time for us to form and support a more robust anti-war movement….but there are some things that we need to understand about an anti-war movement….


The only way to break this ugly cycle of wars for this country is an establishment of an anti-war movement…..we need to get busy!  NOW!

To have a successful anti-war movement we will need to understand a few things…..

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has kicked off yet another round of “Iran is totally gonna nuke us any second now you guys” ejaculations. This is of course another demand that we accept unsubstantiated claims from a proven liar about another longtime target for neoconservative regime change, and I’d like to tap out a few thoughts about war and how to oppose it as pertains to the latest trend in neocon Iran shenanigans.

I’ve been writing about rape a lot these last few days, partly due to where I’m at in my personal rabbit holing and probably also partly because of where the zeitgeist is at with the Kavanaugh and Cosby stuff in the news. So since we’re already on the subject I hope people don’t mind if I kick off this piece with another rape analogy.

Until relatively recently, most people had a wildly different understanding of what rape is than how it actually tends to show up in real life. Even today, saying the word “rapist” tends to conjure up a very unrealistic image for many people: a stranger in a ski mask grabbing a female jogger and dragging her off into the bushes and leaving her severely injured, or something similar. Because such an event is rare, there was a belief that rape itself was something rare; it didn’t say anything about the majority of rapes which don’t entail severe physical injury, or the rapes which are inflicted by acquaintances, friends, coworkers, partners, family members, prison mates, partners, exes and spouses. Rape is common, and, like murder, the perpetrator of a rape will most likely be someone the victim knows.


Again I say…time for us TO GET BUSY!

Enough WAR!  Enough Death!

11 thoughts on “We Need An Anti-War Movement

  1. Did you happen to see “World War Z”.. and it’s depiction of the “tenth man rule”? Might prove helpful when everyone vote for a war next time.

      1. Apparently it’s the idea that if nine people reach a consensus.. then the tenth person is obligated to take the opposite view and research why the opposite view would be a better decision… thus possibly convincing the others. This tends to improve objectivity and check emotion from taking over a decision. The Israelis use this concept in some form apparently. Mark Twain actually had a saying that paralleled this… If everyone agrees then you better take a second look.
        My point being… if everyone vote to go to war.. there should be someone around to try and convince otherwise.

  2. Trust the Israelis to try to up the ante when things might have started to calm down.

    I also see today that the UK has recognised the so-called ‘new leader’ of Venezuela. I started to wonder why, then remembered something. Crude oil production in Venezuela is the tenth-highest in the world. Enough said.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Reblogged this on Ned Hamson's Second Line View of the News and commented:
    Lots of old time Democrats are still afraid of being accused by GOP of being weak on supporting military – so they are suckers of supporting war. GOP support of military equals welfare for companies that build military equipment and now corporations who profit from contracted service to the military. We don’t need no war against Venezuela to give aid to oil companies drooling to gain control over world’s largest proven oil reserves.

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