Will Calmer Heads Prevail?

If Americans cannot be bothered to remember that our troops are fighting and dying in Afghanistan then anything happening in the Black Sea means nothing to them.

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But while we were choking down turkey day left-overs the region of Southern Europe moved a little closer to all out war…..

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are once again soaring this weekend, with reports that Russia has seized three Ukrainian navy vessels off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Crimea is de facto under Russian control, but Ukraine considers it part of their territory.

Earlier in the day, Ukraine accused Russian ships of ramming their tugboat in the Sea of Azov and opened fire on the gunships, injuring two. Russia claims that the Ukrainian ships were illegally in Russian waters at the time, and that the Sea was closed for security reasons.

Ukraine, which has been talking up war with Russia for years, is quickly escalating, with the National Security and Defense Council planning a midnight session at which they intend to declare war on Russia, and will urge parliament to impose martial law across Ukraine, a vote which will happen Monday.


Since we are moving closer to a bigger involvement amybe knowing a little more would be a help….

Like I said in the title…..will calmer heads prevail?

The interesting part will be how Our Dead Supreme Leader approaches the Supreme Leader of Russia at the G-20……any guesses which side he will choose?

We can hope they will but these days I am not so confident they will.



3 thoughts on “Will Calmer Heads Prevail?

  1. More sabre-rattling, in a delicate region. I doubt that the western powers really want to go to war for a country like Ukraine. The government there is so far to the Right, they even have Nazi sympathisers elected.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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