Iran: Your History Lesson

This is my small attempt at FYI on the Iranian situation…..the short videos will make it easier than reading a long dissertation on the US-Iran relations……

Last week I posted on the new Iran policy…….

Some Americans hate Iran……but why?  Is it a religious thing?  Is it a ethnic thing?  Or just because of ignorance?

The later makes more sense.

Most can only think in terms of 1979……there is so much more to be considered……let’s begin with generalities……

Right now with all the situations in the world the one that could be the most dangerous for the US…..there is a Middle East Cold War in the region and the US is a major player…..but let’s look at this situation….


The US and Iran have not always been adversaries……

We have all known we have a problem with Iran……but where did ll that begin?  For Americans it began in 1979….for Iranians it began in 1953……

But why do the Saudis hate the Iranians?

History can lead the way out of sticky situations….that is if we choose to walk away from stupid policies.

The US and Iran should return to the days of cooperation…..

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

Please answer me this……do these videos help in the understanding of the situation?


4 thoughts on “Iran: Your History Lesson

  1. Informative stuff, chuq. I can remember back to when people from Britain worked freely in the oil industry in Iran, and the former Shah was considered to be a great friend of the west. Times change…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The videos were very helpful and aided my understanding the the Middle East situation. After watching one I let my software go the the next one in line. It was a lecture on the moral differences between liberals and conservation. It was very good also. It supported theory that I have read about before. It is always good to see the things you believe reinforced.

    These videos also reinforce my belief that the more we get involved in the Middle East the worse we make things. At least that is my take. There may be some things we have done right that I am not aware of. If there is anything, I think all your readers would like to hear about that.

    Rainy week forecast for where I live.

    1. Here also…..and yes…it has gotten better over the last 100 years….we could have made a difference but the racists in Congress would not go along with the iddea of self-determination…..chuq

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