Pick A Country, Any Country

These days it seems that the US just throws a dart at a map of the world and where it lands we will attack in some form or another.

Apparently the dart flew straight and true and hit the South American country of Venezuela.

For about 20 years the US government has been dropping not so subtle hints of some form of “action” against Venezuela….It was not just from Our Dear Leader…no as far back as GW Bush Venezuela has been in our sights.

More recently, 2015, Venezuela has been called a threat to our national security….https://lobotero.com/2015/03/11/venezuela-did-i-miss-something/

Then Dear Leader Sneaked into the White House through the back door and was wondering when we could attack Venezuela….https://lobotero.com/2017/08/14/what-the-hell-did-venezuela-do/

We have a new SecState, Pompeo, a die hard Neocon and he has issued a statement concerning Venezuela…..

Citing the US desire to increase pressure “against the Venezuelan leadership folks,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that in the days to come, the administration will announce a series of actions against Venezuela.

Pompeo declined to offer any specifics, which is probably going to lead to speculation of something major coming, since recent reports of US policy toward Venezuela has been uniformly hostile.

President Trump threatened to attack Venezuela back in August of 2017, and this summer reports are that he’d repeatedly had to be talked out of such attacks. Early this month, the administration was confirmed to be engaging in secret coup talks with Venezuelan rebels.

None of this is to say that the new actions are liable to be anything so grand. The fact that the US has been known to be talking about such measures, however, is likely to add to serious concerns about US intentions ahead of any announcements.


True to his Neocon upbringing Pompeo has pretty much threatened everyone with some sort of American violence.

When did we become the country that dictates everyone’s internal policies?

6 thoughts on “Pick A Country, Any Country

  1. I don’t watch much TV or news these days, (only when forced to, in a bar, usually), but, it seems pretty clear to me WHY they want to fuss with Venezuela… They have OIL, ffolkes, lots & lots of oil. It’s that simple. They have oil, & don’t want to give it to us; in fact, the little I do know reminds me they also like the idea of NOT having their economy controlled by the US dollar. This makes them an obvious target for those assholes who run this country (& I do not refer to anyone in the US government, though they are the tool of those who run things)

    Y’all didn’t think this idiot, the Trumpette, actually has any real part in making decisions, did you? If so, then you are NOT paying close enough attention to reality; he is the distraction, and a damn good one, from the standpoint of those who possess REAL power in world society at large……..

    I guess that’s enough curmudgeonry for one day…. Happy Birthday to your partner, old friend….

    gigoid, the dubious

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