Here Comes The Neighborhood!

We see/hear/read stories about the urban turn around……how a developer goes into an area and develop the crap out of it and makes it a success…..with Starbuck, trendy eateries, upscale shops with candles and retro clothing….something you can find anywhere they have developed the uniqueness out of the neighborhood.

I have a friend that was born and lived in Harlem most of his life….today he hates the neighborhood….he says it is soulless and cold.  He says that the whole feeling of a neighborhood is gone and the people were left with a cold hollow shell that they can only remember for they cannot afford it as it has become.

I witnessed this phenom in Santa Fe, New Mexico….originally it was a colony of writers and artists… was simple then the “developers” found it…. they turned it into a haven for the rich and disgusting.

These are the same tools that transformed “The Village” and Soho in NYC

Can you build a neighborhood out of money? It’s a defining question in America’s fastest-growing cities. When a major residential project rises, who suffers? When a tax incentive is granted, who benefits? When occupied land is redeveloped, how do city dwellers reconcile the pressure for economic growth with the need to safeguard vulnerable communities?

As a regular reader of Eater or Curbed, you may be wondering who gets to decide the target audience for these real estate megaplexes: Which retail and restaurant tenants get in? How much do they pay? What kind of economic incentives do they benefit from? And what’s the special sauce that actually makes a viable, dynamic, livable neighborhood?

That illustrates exactly what is happening to our neighborhoods.  It is always about turning a buck….never about preserving the culture of that area.

Detroit is next in the sights of “developers” ……….this time it will be a whole city to lose its uniqueness…..not just a part of a whole like Harlem was…..yes it may become an “In” spot but at what cost?

Today is my better half’s birthday….so we will spend the day doing what she would like to do….

Thanx everyone for the visits hopefully we will see each other next week.

In closing I offer a musical interlude…..


10 thoughts on “Here Comes The Neighborhood!

  1. The bigger question is just what makes a neighborhood. One factor I’ll suggest is children. They need safe places to meet, play, study, explore … and not so much in the way of retail. Another factor is the elderly.

  2. Happy birthday to your partner, chuq. I hope she has a wonderful day.

    Neighbourhoods? The same thing is happening here, generally referred to as ‘;Gentrification’. Former working-class ‘slum’ districts have been developed with no regard for tradition, with ‘loft-style’ living, smart apartments, and artisan shops. They suck the heart and soul out of familiar districts, price out the original inhabitants, and replace them with trendies, wealthy ‘millennials’, and shops that sell nothing useful.
    The identity of different city centres is disappearing fast, and you could almost be anywhere, with little to make one place stand out from another.
    I think it’s too late to turn back the clock now. Sadly.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Here we called it “Urban Renewal”…..she is easy to please cook her a chicken dinner and watch some Britbox with her…..

      Off topic…I read that a British MP said she wanted to bring back the “death Penalty” for suicide bombers was that true or a prank…..chuq

      1. That is often bandied around. They talk of bringing it back for ‘specific’ crimes, like killing a policeman, or terror bombings. But the Parliament would never vote for it with any majority, and it wouldn’t work well anyway. There would be protests, appeals, stays of execution, etc. And you have to factor in the ‘martyrdom aspect’ which brings the danger of encouraging others.

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