The Age Of Lazy

Another Saturday and we should look into our society for a few interesting pieces of knowledge…..

I would bet that the most used kitchen appliance these days is the microwave….am I right?

It is all so simple you take something out of the “Frig” and in just minutes you have a meal….how much simpler could it get?

WE are in the age of Google, Echo, Alexa, yada yada……you can turn over any function to a piece of technology…start your car, turn on your lights, lock your door and play music all by simply telling the air around you what you want to happen.

Got some amazing news the other day….about a microwave and a potato…..

Running out of things to do with Alexa? Don’t despair. Soon, you’ll be able to tell your Amazon personal assistant to heat a mug of water, defrost a chicken, or prepare some popcorn. It’s all thanks to the new AmazonBasics microwave that connects to Amazon’s Echo device so you can give it voice commands. The microwave was unveiled Thursday in Seattle, Engadget reports. The appliance will sell for $59.99 and will ship starting Nov. 14th, per The Verge, which calls it “a pretty dead-ahead 700W microwave.” It features many of the standard microwave buttons, but most of the cooking presets are voice activated (such as “Alexa, one potato,” a command used by Amazon’s David Limp a demonstration). You can also set it up to automatically order products from Amazon.

“What this microwave does is keep track of how many times you cook popcorn and make sure you never run out,” Amazon VP Daniel Rausch tells the Wall Street Journal. Also debuted on Thursday were other smart devices, such as an Echo for cars and a home security system, as well as improvements to Alexa like the abilities to whisper and hold conversations. It all adds up to Amazon’s push to “unite a scattered industry,” the WSJ notes. Through products like the new AmazonBasics microwave, the company hopes to get big manufacturers to use its Alexa-enabled chips affordable household appliances. As The Verge puts it: “The point is to wow gadget makers with how simple, secure, and easy it is to integrate its Alexa Connection Kit.”

But if I must choose my potato and put it into the Microwave why not hit the start button….that way I do not have to involve yet another piece of technology in the process of cooking a potato.

I am retired and have become extremely lazy after the broken leg and then the loss of toes….but as lazy as I am I am still capable of cooking a potato in the microwave without involving too many pieces of technology.

I may be old put I can still muster the energy to push a start button.

Is it any wonder that we are so obese?  I mean we have to spend many dollars to get fit….when it is free to learn to do so much of this stuff for yourself.

Just a thought!

8 thoughts on “The Age Of Lazy

  1. I have no time for this so-called ‘technology’. Can’t they see it just is marketing, and more intrusion into your home and habits? I use the oven more than anything else, but we do have a microwave. The day I can’t set the timer and press ‘Start’, you can put me in a care home. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree……I use the microwave but I cook lots of food and then we divide it up into meals for later….it all started with electric windows in autos and has been going downhill ever since….chuq

  2. The main appliance I use is the stove. I boil water for coffee or tea. Instant coffee or green tea usually. Or open a can and heat some beans. All different kinds of beans. Leftovers I eat cold.

    I agree with The Jennifer Lawrence charter in American Hustle on science ovens.

    Off to see my four year old granddaughter play soccer. A stop at McDonalds for breakfast on the way.

  3. I haven’t owned a microwave in 12 years. I wouldn’t have one. Never liked the things.

    I cast iron cook, boil in stainless, bake in glass & steam. Re-heating is in a toaster oven or in a skillet.

    I was a programmer in another life. Things have gotten ridiculous.

    1. So true…my toaster oven works over time when I am making my meals for storage…..thanx for the visits and comments…..hope to see you often….chuq

  4. I think you hit the major points in two lines… “No wonder we are so obese”, and “Just a thought”

    My point is this: the former would not be such an issue, if there were more people in our world who ever engaged in the latter….


    gigoid, the dubious

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