That Political Argument

As the week begins I would like to write about something that if you are a political blogger then you have had a political debate or if you will argument with someone who shows up on your blog.

Do you think you have ever won the debate with this person?  In your mind of course you have but in the other’s mind you have not…..

Let’s take a look at that political argument…….

We’ve all been sufficiently frustrated by the gap between the values someone espouses and the policies they support that we’ve gotten into political arguments to help them see their error. Perhaps, if we’re more honest about our own motivation, we just reacted to get rid of that visceral dissonant feeling that “something that wrong just can’t be allowed to stand.”

And, no doubt, whenever you do that, you lay out a clear, fact-based, logically consistent case for the correct view.

You’ve probably done it many times—and, if you’re like most people, you’ve changed next-to-no minds at all.

In fact, you may have often come away even more convinced of your opponent’s wrong-headedness than when you started, and likely gave your opponent the exact same view of you.

But you keep doing it—even though it does very little good indeed.

Given all the practice everyone is getting, why are millions of decent arguments made by clearly thinking individuals almost all utterly useless when it comes to enlightening others—let alone changing their minds?

This article will give you the answer. Understanding it may change your life.

Let me say about here… matter how well you give the facts to support your side of the argument…you will NEVER get through a closed mind……and thanx to the ear of social media a closed mind is the way of the world.

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4 thoughts on “That Political Argument

  1. On my other (political) blog, Brexit is the biggest cause for debate. It seems we have made our minds up one way or another on the rights and wrongs of the EU. I have long accepted that I will never alter anyone’s opinion on that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I think I have made people aware of ways of understanding things that they had not been aware of before. That can lead to changes in attitude.

    I if did not believe that I would not have a blog or ever may any comments.

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