Legalism Has Replaced Liberty

Today, 17Sep18, is Constitution Day….a day in my opinion that is the most important of days in the founding of this country….

On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had created. We encourage all Americans to observe this important day in our nation’s history by attending local events in your area. Celebrate Constitution Day through activities, learning, parades and demonstrations of our Love for the United State of America and the Blessings of Freedom Our Founding Fathers secured for us.

For more information on the Constitution then this is the site you need…..

These days everyone seems to hug the Constitution and claim that their views or their candidates are the best representatives of the US Constitution…….you, as a voter, has heard it all from both sides of the political meter……

But actually our liberty has been replaced with of all things legalism.

For those still deluded enough to believe they’re living the American dream—where the government represents the people, where the people are equal in the eyes of the law, where the courts are arbiters of justice, where the police are keepers of the peace, and where the law is applied equally as a means of protecting the rights of the people—it’s time to wake up.

We no longer have a representative government, a rule of law, or justice.

Liberty has fallen to legalism.

The Constitution is become a political prop more so than those stupid straw hats of the past… understanding is not necessary to run for office just having a copy makes you the perfect candidate to protect the document….

Plus we have a political game of “Simon Says” with our Founders…..Jefferson is one of the most misquoted Founders…..then it is followed by Hamilton and Madison…..a game we need to STOP playing……

As the United States’ depressed, distracted, disorganized, and demobilized populace watches the vicious white-nationalist and authoritarian Donald Trump and the arch-reactionary Republican Party craft a Supreme Court yet further to the right of majority public opinion, the worst of the nation’s slave-owning Founders might just be heard chuckling in their graves.

As a student US Political History I believe that the Constitution is a more deserving incident that deserves its recognized holiday……DoI was basically a grievances list…the Constitution established the rules for a nation.


8 thoughts on “Legalism Has Replaced Liberty

      1. Those men did not believe in majority rule. They thought that was nothing but mob rule and wanted none of it. And they made it very difficult to make any changes at all.

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