Kuwait, Thanx For Nothing

As most visitors know is that I spend a lot of time reading and writing about the Middle East.  The one country in the region that should be our closest ally is Kuwait.

I realize that a good portion of my readers are young and may not be aware of why Kuwait should be our closest Middle East friend.

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I shall give a short history…..after Iran/Iraq signed a ceasefire from their 10 year war….Iraq’s Saddam turned his attention to his mneighbor to the South, Kuwait.

On Aug. 2, 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, his small neighbor to the South and set in motion a chain of events that would impact America and the rest of the world forever. Within mere days, Operation Desert Shield was in full swing with U.S. Military Personnel streaming into Saudi Arabia. Over the next 6 months the buildup of U.S. forces would total close to 700,000 Americans. On January 16th 1991 Operation Desert Storm was launched following Saddam Hussein’s refusal to heed U.N. Resolution 678 by refusing to withdraw his Iraqi forces from Kuwait by January 15, 1991 deadline. After a more than four weeks of relentless bombardment by U.S. and coalition Air Strikes, the ground phase kicked in and was completed in an astounding 100 hours!


The US went to war to get some justice for Kuwait and the events that followed Iraq’s invasion.

It appears that Kuwait is pulling a way from the US and towards the nations of Iran and China…..

The relationship with Kuwait should be one of the United States’ strongest, but it is starting to fray. There’s still time to set it right, and the Kuwaiti Emir’s visit to Washington last week was a good start. Meanwhile, however, investors remain on edge, as they have been ever since officials in this Gulf state froze millions of dollars in American and international assets without any clear explanation.

Candidly, there’s a lot going on in Kuwait that’s suspect. The regime seems to be cozying up to Iran and China, officials have made remarks about Israel that are just short of incendiary, and corruption surrounding the delivery of supplies to U.S. troops stationed there has been highly disruptive. Americans, it seems to me, have the right to expect better from those whom they saved by leading an international intervention after their country was invaded by Saddam Hussein.


This is the thanks we get for helping Kuwait regain its country from the hands of Saddam.

Just another reason for me not to like the idea of the US going to war to “help” our friends.


10 thoughts on “Kuwait, Thanx For Nothing

  1. I was never sure if they really wanted to help Kuwait, or just liked the excuse to get rid of Saddam.
    I suppose what is going on now is only to be expected, as any country will put self-interest ahead of old debts to supposed ‘friends’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I was against the war at the time. I saw nothing there to endanger our national interest. Events since then are proving me right.

    At different times Bush said we we there to prospect our way of life, to protect Israel, to get justice for Kuwait, to support the UN, to keep Iraq from invading Iran next and then Saudi Arabia, becoming the next Hitler and staring WWIII, to keep Iraq from controlling all the Middle East oil and because Saddam was s brutal dictator.
    You try to figure the real reason we were there. It could be all, some or none of the above.

    1. I wrote in opposition to Desert Storm and I used those writing again when we went back in 2003….not much changed just the president….either one should have been fought. chuq

      1. Hi chuq…I am afraid I cannot send you anymore tweets for 6 days…I have been banned for that amount of time…I guess some one does not appreciate my humour….my mouth is zipped for 6 days….:-( never mind keep on trucking… 😉

      2. Thanks chuq…twitter is a Stasi state…getting worse…far too many trolls around….I try to avoid them,but some are very clever…it is like doing detention at school. 😦

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