Closing Thought–04Sep18

Tryin’ To Reason With The Hurricane Season…….

Here in Gulf Coast storms are as inevitable as the sun coming up….but we have been effected badly in the past so we watch and prepare……

It appears that another tropical storm will become a hurricane named Gordon…..and it appears that my town is in the cone of possibility…after Katrina we have had our fill of storms….but that aside a real hurricane is heading our way.

This is just to let my readers know that if I am not on-line one day soon it is because the hurricane has taken out our web service…..NOT to fear I will return as soon as possible.

Until the day of reckoning I will continue to write and report on the world around us.

A musical interlude for those that suffer from hurricanes…..or for all you Parrot-heads…..

They say Gordon will be a Cat. 1….not much more than rain and a bit of wind…..but for us after Katrina any hurricane makes one shudder with anticipation….let’s hope the weather guys and gals are right….if not they will get a strongly worded email from me.

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with luck…….chuq

As I wrote this draft news has come that the wind shear is keeping this storm from forming into a dangerous hurricane……it remains a tropical storm……we can hope that this holds true through the night and landfall.


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