Afghanistan Still

Sad News:  Yet another American has been killed in Afghanistan……

Details are still unclear, but one American soldier was reported killed and another wounded Monday in what officials are describing as an “apparent insider attack” in eastern Afghanistan. The wounded soldier is in stable condition.


17 years and what do we have to show for our occupation of Afghanistan?  The Taleban is still a functioning army……violence is a daily occurrence…..US troops are still dying……

With all that what of Afghanistan?

According to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford, neither he nor the Pentagon in general expect that the “current form” of the US military mission in Afghanistan, a practically permanent US deployment in a protracted fight with insurgents, is going to last forever.


After that was said the intel people had to get their two cents in also…..

Hope springs eternal for Pentagon officials, with regards to any war the US is involved in. Everywhere and always they believe the war is going well and about to turn the corner, and over the past 17 years, that’s been the constant military stance on Afghanistan.

But the war is plainly going badly. With Trump Administration officials reporting they are heading toward a policy review, US intelligence officials are also increasingly frank with their own assessments on the war.

A number of intelligence officials are challenging the Pentagon’s insistence that things are fine, and the policy review is likely to include a new intelligence assessment for the administration. The military is scared to death of that assessment.


Things are fine?

After 17 years of blood sweat and money and the best description is “things are fine”?

Seriously…is it not time to face the music and admit that we have done all we can for Afghanistan and bring our weary troops home?


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