Closing Thought–31Jul18

Propaganda is used everyday here in the US and the best place for this stuff to get to the normal American is through the one outlet that they cannot resist…social media.

AS an example I give you the newest meme…..

I’ve been noticing videos going viral the last few days, some with millions of views, about Muslim women bravely fighting to free themselves from oppression in the Middle East. The videos, curiously, are being shared enthusiastically by many Republicans and pro-Israel hawks, who aren’t traditionally the sort of crowd you see rallying to support the civil rights of Muslims. What’s up with that?

Well, you may want to sit down for this shocker, but it turns out that they happen to be women from a nation that the US war machine is currently escalating operations against. They are Iranian.

A few years back I gave my readers a couple of posts so they could identify propaganda…..

In case you did not take my advice and print them out so they would be a quick reference….I do it again……

Also there is the ever present “Fake News”….just how can one spot this stuff?

Fake news is nothing new. But bogus stories can reach more people more quickly via social media than what good old-fashioned viral emails could accomplish in years past.

Concern about the phenomenon led Facebook and Google to announce that they’ll crack down on fake news sites, restricting their ability to garner ad revenue. Perhaps that could dissipate the amount of malarkey online, though news consumers themselves are the best defense against the spread of misinformation.

Americans are starting to believe what they are told and ignore what they see and hear…..perfect illustration of how propaganda is winning over truth and fact.

You have all the tools are your finger tips….if you get sucked into the BS world of propaganda then you have NO one to blame by yourself.

I hate that I have to keep harping on this subject….but apparently that is how Americans learn……repetition until it becomes common knowledge….so allow me to repeat…..(first turn printer on then go to top of page and start over)……


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–31Jul18

  1. I doubt they will be featuring any images of Palestinian women bravely fighting and protesting for freedom from Israeli occupation.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I was surprised when MSNBC reported on the release of Ahed Tamini from prison on Sunday……plus some minor reporting on the new Gaza mashup…..chuq

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