Closing Thought–05Jul18

I wrote earlier today about the promise of a “peace train”…..this post is what I was talking about with the “small” wars……

The US military is expanding its special ops….it is increasing the brigades to carry out advise and assist programs….

Three new Security Force Assistance Brigades designed to conduct advise-and-assist operations with allied and partner nations have been assigned to bases in Texas, Colorado and Washington, the Army announced Friday.

The Army said the 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade will be assigned to Fort Hood in Texas, the 4th SFAB at Fort Carson in Colorado and 5th SFAB at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. These specialized units consist of about 800 soldiers, ranked sergeant and above, with a primary mission to fulfill the Army’s train, advise and assist missions around the globe.

Is this an indication of a widening of our international involvements?

And then there is the new “Space Force”…how much money does the Pentagon have?  That we can just keep expanding our many ways to war……

Most interesting turn……will Space Force put a drain on this policy?

I hope everyone has a good day…..chuq

The Peace Train

As I close my eyes I hear the song by Yusuf Islam……. or is it Cat Stevens?  Don’t!  They are the same person.

This post is about the pronouncements by the president and his view of geopolitics…..let’s take inventory of our President’s recent pronouncements:

This isn’t good enough for the formerly anti-interventionist “left,” with the commies over at Alternet declaring that the US getting out of NATO would be “a gift to Putin,” not to mention “insane.”  (A great quote)

I wish I could see this as some sort of “peace” movement….it is not it is as far from “peace” as we will ever get.  Those countries list above are just countries with the biggest presence of US Troops.  It is the small wars that will be the worse and the most deadly.

Once again I shall be out of pocket…..I must return to the doctor and let him sign his handy work… I may be out of touch for awhile….but never fear “I shall return” to quote another American “hero”…..if you must act the effect is gone.

Yemen Made Simple

Or should I call it….A Guide To Yemen For The Unsympathetic?

The Saudi and UAE-led operation to retake the rebel-held port city of Hodeidah, which could jeopardize the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians, represents more than the latest tragic chapter in Yemen’s civil war. It is the fully expected outcome of several Western nations’ complicity in a multi-country assault that has made Yemen the world’s largest humanitarian disaster.

The recent attack on Hodeidah is both a function of Western arms support and a feature of longstanding Western political programming that has sustained the coalition’s attack on the country since a bombing campaign began in 2015.

Yemen has been raging for a couple of years and the world seems not to care….why is that?

For one Yemen has nothing the West desires….if so then why is Saudi so involved it there is nothing to danger to them?

Are the Saudis challenging an old enemy?

How many deaths does it take before someone steps up and ends this madness?