Who Is James Puckle?

This post is for all my gun nuts.

Ever heard of the M-60, Ma Deuce, Tommy Gun, Grease Gun or Hitler’s Buzz Saw?

What do all these “guns” have in common?

On May 15, 1718, James Puckle of England patented the first machine gun.  This English lawyer reflected his times by designating the ammunition for his flintlock fired 11 shot machine gun to be loaded with normal musket balls for use against Christians and with fiendish cubical bullets for use against Muslims!

One of the most diabolical inventions has been the invention of the machine gun…..killing more people quickly……it made a big difference in the First World War……

But with that said let us look at the 10 biggest machine guns……

Here we list 10 of the greatest machine guns throughout history, with consideration of innovation, historical impact, effectiveness, longevity, reliability and perhaps even “coolness” as criteria. With so many different makes and models to choose from, many of which are worthy competitors, you might not find your favorite listed, so please share your thoughts about guns that should be added to the list.


Man is always looking for a better way to wage war or to kill and the machine gun fulfilled that niche well.

Special Operations Command is planning to release solicitations next year for machine guns that are expected to give warfighters expanded capability, a SOCOM official said May 24.

One is a lightweight medium machine gun that must provide commandos with a 2,000-meter engagement capability, be of comparable weight to the current M240B weapon and offer advanced barrel, suppressor and thermal mitigation technologies, said Lt. Col. Mark Owens, program manager for ammunition and weapons at program executive office SOF warrior.

“We’re not looking for the same barrel technology in this body of weapons that we have seen in the last 50 years of machine guns,” he said during a panel discussion at the National Defense Industrial Association’s annual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida. “We’re looking for a barrel that has higher endurance, higher operational ability, greater availability for sustained fires.”


Like I said always looking for a better way to kill.

History lesson is done……be well…chuq

15 thoughts on “Who Is James Puckle?

  1. For a personal weapon, the PPSH-41 takes a lot of beating. Using the 70-round capacity cylindrical magazine, it gave a lot of close-range firepower before reloading. For a support weapon, the German MG-42 was unbeatable during WW2. An interesting post, chuq. I think Puckle’s original gun could have been out-shot by a well-trained section of British infantry firing muskets. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree it was a bit short in action……my favorite was the “Grease gun” or the “Burp Gun” as some called it….I like the huge .45 round…slow moving and deadly….chuq

  2. Man has always endeavored to advance the technology of all things…weaponry is certainly no different. It’s also not always about more lethal……advances have always included seeking lighter, more relabel, more durable, more accurate, etc….

    I highlight the good Mr. Puckle and several of his compatriots, anytime someone trots out the flash narrative that the Founders “could have never envisioned firearms beyond the capacity of the musket”…..

  3. My request for a patent on the anal cellphone was turned down so I know the disappointments of trying to invent something. At least this guy saw his brainchild put to use.

    1. Maybe you should contact the guy in Saudi that tried to assassinate a royal by a phone bomb in his butt…….made the papers and every thing….chuq

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