Could US Have Prevented WW2?

We are celebrating World War One, the 100 year anniversary, a war that not many Americans know anything bout because they do not see it as an American war.

I have written about what events could have actually been the cause of the Americans entry…..but there is another question….if the Americans had not entered into WW1 would WW2 have been prevented?

A fascinating thought in itself……

Every war is a tragedy, a failure to resolve sharp differences of ideology and interest or to stop evil men before they can impose their will on others. The First World War was one of the most tragic wars in history: Although none of its major protagonists expected or wanted it to occur, it initiated thirty years of bloodletting on an unprecedented scale and planted the seeds for civil conflicts that continue to rage today. Witness the fate of the Sykes-Picot Treaty, the secret pact drawn up in 1916 by diplomats from Britain and France that mashed together Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds in a new nation called Iraq.

Historians will debate forever whether the Great War could have been prevented. But for the United States, it was indisputably a war of choice. Germany neither threatened a trans-Atlantic attack, nor had the ability to mount one. And while Woodrow Wilson and the government’s propaganda agency, the Committee on Public Information, portrayed the Kaiser’s regime as a cruel autocracy, it could not raise an army without the approval of the Reichstag, an elected legislature. And was Imperial Germany so morally inferior to the three empires it was fighting—the British, the French, and, until March of 1917, the realm of the Tsar?

AS I wrote earlier…..why is World War One mostly forgotten by Americans……

It redefined women’s rights, race relations, civil liberties and America’s role in the world. It caused twice as many American deaths as the Vietnam war. But there is no national memorial to it in Washington DC and, on Thursday, its centenary will pass with little fanfare.

On 6 April 1917, America declared war on Germany and charged into the first world war. After nearly three years of reluctance, its hand was forced by the sinking of neutral US ships by German submarines, and by Britain’s interception of the so-called Zimmerman telegram revealing a German plot to persuade Mexico to wage war on the US.

I have tried to help Americans understand the First World War, a daunting endeavor but I feel that we should try and understand ALL wars that we have asked our young to fight.


18 thoughts on “Could US Have Prevented WW2?

      1. Exactly! And it is exactly for that exact reason that none of the mistakes will ever get repaired.

  1. I disagree with John about this. Studying history, and applying policies based on that study, could help to avoid so many conflicts. But as most wars are ultimately about profits, they are always going to be hard to stop.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I disagree with Pete about this. Studying History and applying policies based on that study would require the unconditional effort of all parties involved and because of human nature and political agendas that is never going to happen!

  2. The peace treaty of WW1 guaranteed WW2 would happen. But that doesn’t mean the two wars were connected much beyond that.

    People like to retroactively consider WW1 Germany a “Nazi prequel”…Germany as the evil Bad Guy in both. It wasn’t. Yes, Hitler was there somewhere and so was Hindenburg, but the 2 German governments had nothing else to do with each other. In fact, most of the players were entirely different in WW2. For example, Russia went from monarchy to Communism. Italy’s government collapsed & switched sides, as did Japan. Borders had all changed radically.

    More importantly, WW1 was also not started by unprovoked invasions that needed to be responded to. It was more of a mutual decision to “drop the gloves”. It was a super-nasty war that had no Good Guys, or Bad Guys. Just a whole lot of people getting killed for God & country. The lack of “good vs evil” is the main reason why it gets ignored. Americans NEED to think of themselves as the Good Guy. Anything that doesn’t fit that model gets tossed.

    America didn’t have that much of a reason to give a shit who won. (And winning was measured in much smaller units than WW2. Kilometres, not continents.) The US had connections to both sides and could have lived with any result. But they decided they wanted to be a global player, knew they could “break the tie” and picked a side. Had America not picked a side, Germany might have won. Or it would have ended in more of a tie than it did. The peace would have been less one-sided and a re-match less likely.

    Either way, Germany did NOT deserve that level & length of punishment. They weren’t noticeably more fascist in nature than most of the governments in that war. There were no death camps. The only thing they did worse than the other side was “not win”.

    1. The US needed the “allies” to win or they would have bankrupted this nation……Germany did not pay back the war debt until 2011 …I would say they were punished enough….chuq

  3. WW2 according to PJ’s book on the subject could have been prevented. Germany was basically funded in the Rise of Nazism by the British and Zionist. They turned on the British and the British greatly underestimated Hitler and his Millatary. The result was they thought they could bully Hitler at Dagzig. This resulted in the invasion of Poland and the lose of millions of lives on all sides in the coming War.

    Now Trump thinks he can bully Iran to stay out of Iraq and Syria it’s backyard. The Religious Zionist believe that when Russia attacks Israel that the Messiah or Antichrist depending on if they believe in Jebus or not will come. I detail Russia’s Military Aliance with Iran is detailed here

    David Graycat

    PS: Could you try to gain access to the Canadian FRee Press website they have an article on the Russia Iran Aliance I need!

      1. Canada has a free press??? That’s news to this Canuck! I was under the impression the entire Canadian media/communications landscape was owned by just 3-4 companies with…”a very similar game plan”. So similar, you’d swear they regularly get together and “collude”.

    1. Anti-Christ is a pretty good term actually. Looks like a saviour, but ain’t.

      Other than Useless Tube, I have no truck, nor trade, with Google. Knowingly, at least. They own ludicrous amounts of businesses and have a rotating door for them. They are the tech-version of what Coke/Pepsi is to the drink industry. Near monopolies that manufacture a false perception of choice by hiding behind other brand names.

      And they probably know I don’t knowingly use them…Because of their near monopoly, they know everything everyone does and indirectly/directly control what most people see/don’t see.

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