A Broken International Order

After World War Two the nations of this planet got together and formed the United Nations with the purpose of eliminating the possibility of a Third World War….they tried to make it so the new UN would not suffer the fate of the old League of Nations after World War One…..in case you were unaware it was a failure…..and sadly the UN is traveling down that road as well.

The UN is on a losing streak because of one reason only…..the Security Council……a group where one country can veto any policy without retribution……. the veto clause that allows just one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) to paralyse decision-making by the world’s only duly-constituted law enforcement body. China and Russia have employed the veto on numerous occasions to block UNSC action against Syria. ( The US is not innocent in this either….they use the veto to stop nations like Israel for answering for their actions against civilians)  Reflecting on Syria’s savage civil war Amnesty International rightly concluded six years ago that the Security Council is ‘tired, out of step and increasingly unfit for purpose’.

As long as I have mentioned Syria look at the inaction around the alleged CW attack and the response of the US and its allies…..

U.S., British and French forces bombed three chemical weapons facilities in Damascus in retaliation for the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces in Douma on 6–8 April that killed around 70 people.

Others will discuss the strategic context and consequences of the allied air strikes on Syria. As a student of UN-centric global governance, I want to make the larger ‘structural’ argument that—considered in its totality—the strikes reflect and will further contribute to a broken system of international order.


Syria is a prime example of how the to provide ……..order is dying a slow and painful death……and one reason is the Security Council and its failure to provide….security.

Then groups like the Institute for the Study of War thinks that these strikes will do some good…..I disagree…but if you would like to read their take on this…..


The UN is broken because a handful of nations have veto power…..so to condemn the organization as ineffectual then you are blaming those nations with the power…..the US is one of those nations.

7 thoughts on “A Broken International Order

  1. I have long thought the concept of the UN was ‘dead in the water’. Time to face facts, and realise it never really worked as it was intended to. Sad, but undoubtedly true.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is like so many things…it would never be given the opportunity….the 5 members of the Security Council make sure it fails….chuq

  2. And who the fuck gave China a Veto???

    It was already obvious the Veto is the biggest stumbling block to an effective UN. So, why hand out another? Sure, they’re the world’s most populous nation, but Permanent Membership on the Security Council, at best.

    1. No one country should have veto over the rest of the world….China, Russia, UK, France and US….the dickheads of the universe….chuq

      1. Nobody should have a Veto at the UN. Permanent Membership is fine. And if that’s what it takes to end Vetoes, I’d stomach them getting a vote on the Security Council worth 3-5 (non-Veto) nation votes.

        But China’s Veto is more recent, right? What fucking morons would hand out another Veto? You’re really only sabotaging yourself (and the UN) by handing out another Veto. How did THAT move not get Vetoed?

        What are the odds of all these shitheads agreeing on anything? You couldn’t even get them to agree on soccer as the UN’s favourite sport, if all it meant was putting a soccer ball statue in the UN lobby.

      2. The odds re non-existent ….it is not a majority thing but rather what 5 nations want….not a good way to work….chuq

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