Welcome To Agadez

Where the Hell or Who the Hell is Agadez?

It is a small town in the West African nation of Niger.  Remember Niger?  That is where some of our Special Ops troops were ambushed and killed and a major story circulated about the disrespect some felt the president gave family members.

Well we appreciated the attacks on our troops so much we are opening a new drone base…..

Agadez is 4,000 miles from Aghanistan, where the Global War on Terrorism began. It’s 2,500 miles from Iraq, our next destination in the war. It’s 2,000 miles from Syria and 1,500 miles from Benghazi. This is where we’re building a $110 million drone base that will host nearly a thousand American troops, double the number of a few years ago. Here is Eric Schmitt:


Just another target for the global terror network and more troops are exposed to the possibility of violence.


6 thoughts on “Welcome To Agadez

  1. Looks like drones are the new ‘expansion industry’. More money spent on the ‘Defence Budget’. They should really rename it the ‘Offence Budget’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. True that and the think tanks say we needs an annual 5% increase in Defense spending……neocon bullshit have ever heard of Peace Tax Seven…I believe it is a Brit group? chuq-

  2. Huzzah! Another battlefront opens in the US Empire’s global war for…..something…probably from an abandoned mall in Arizona, where unemployed teens kill people with their joysticks.

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