To Stop Human Suffering

The latest round of airstrikes was in response to human suffering…..Syria’s use of CWs caused the suffering and the US had to act and act quickly.

The US has history of intervention to stop human suffering…..the Kurds in Iraq, the Yazidis in Iraq, gas attacks in Syria……

The problem is the attacks are used as an excuse to intervene in another country’s situation….

 Shortly after the missile attack on Syria, US Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump bragged in his usual pompous way that it was “mission accomplished”. In Britain, there was no such display of hubris. Prime Minister Theresa May was, instead, forced to explain to parliament why she ordered the attack without consulting MPs.

Two explanations were given during the parliamentary debate: that it was in Britain’s national interests to bomb Syria; and that it was done out of humanitarian concern for the suffering of the Syrian people.

This begs us to stop and ask where we go from here. Will the interventionists stop at Syria, or turn their attention to other areas where there is appalling human suffering?

Propaganda is a useful foreign policy tool…..sadly human suffering is just another tool for intervention…..the uninterested citizens jut shrug off the intervention if the excuse sounds plausible.

The attacks in retaliation have done nothing to stop human suffering……

The recent chlorine attack in Douma, Syria, which reportedly killed over 40 men, women and children, prompted a predictable reaction from the international community. Governments around the world issued statements condemning the attack. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting in response. Russia dismissed reports of the attack as false and traded insults with the U.S. Doctors scrambled inside Syria to treat those afflicted, while aid workers searched homes to locate more victims.

As horrific as this attack was for the people of Syria, its global implications also require attention and action. This is no longer an aberration, it is the latest in a pattern of attacks by not only Syria, but North Korea, Russia, and ISIS. These actors have demonstrated they are willing to flout international conventions by using weapons that many have worked for decades to contain. And yet, there are no real actions underway to hold perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks accountable.

The government has used human suffering as a preclude to a possible attack on North Korea….the people were starving and oppressed…..the same could be said for Iran (this is the situation to watch for future lies)……..

8 thoughts on “To Stop Human Suffering

  1. I have mentioned it before, but will do so again. If they are so concerned about human suffering, then why didn’t they intervene in Myanmar, Israel, Saudi Arabia, (because of Yemen) and so many other places around the world? That is a rhetorical question, obviously.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That is why I keep asking the question hoping people will start asking it also…..maybe in some small way I can help….chuq

  2. ‘Hoping’ under the present circumstances seems a waste of energy,I am afraid to say. I have had enough! Time for another break from banging my head against the wall. We are all doomed,one way or another…Afternoon chuq. good post.

  3. I was immediately drawn to the oxymoron-ish concept of your first line…

    “The latest round of airstrikes was in response to human suffering…..”

    It takes suffering to stop suffering. The entire concept of the futility of war.

    Rather reminds me of the excuses for “our” war, back in the day. “We’re going to give them democracy even if it kills them!”

  4. Since when is “stopping human suffering” an American objective? Never mind a military one.

    I haven’t checked lately, so is the human suffering there over now?

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