North Korea And The Saga Continues

Just a few short months ago there was a tremendous war of words between Pres. Trump and Kim of North Korea…….and then as quickly as it had started the dialog change 180 degrees and the two countries were making nice….it caught most of us off guard for we had bee seeing the possibility of a second Korean War brewing….the neocons were push for the “bloody nose” scenario and others were pushing for a more diplomatic solution to all the escalation.

Then like a bolt from the hands of Zeus word came down that Kim had offered to shut down his enrichment sites and South Korea rejoiced……

All this was good news and the possibility that any armed conflict could be avoided…..but now that there seems to be a real plan forming the MSM has jumped on the opposite tack……

And that’s just the start of the reasons for optimism. A hotline between North and South Korea opened last Friday. The US is considering opening an embassy in Pyongyang. President Trump will also be having his own summit with Kim in late May or early June.

North Korea has made numerous significant concessions. They’ve halted missile and nuclear testing and are in the process of closing their nuclear testing site. Most significantly, they are open to a deal to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula without demanding 30,000 US troops withdraw from South Korea.

MSM is trying to find anything that can make it into the news in opposition to these meetings…..

All the very meaningful deals and announcements of the last four months adds up to a lot. That Reuters managed to find three South Koreans and one Japanese person who were skeptical means comparatively little. That they’re going to such great lengths to put a negative spin on the talks at all, however, may be much more important.

The Washington Post is also looking for reasons to be suspicious about North Korea’s promises. The New York Times is trying to portray China as an obstacle to progress on a deal. They further cited unnamed US and South Korean officials as believing North Korea’s peace overtures were a trick to get big concessions out of them. Even the Associated Press chimed in with a list of diplomatic efforts that have failed.


It appears that little has changed….the MSM doing all it can to generate the news and set the dialog…..if they can sabotage this diplomatic effort….what will be next…the Iranian deal?


9 thoughts on “North Korea And The Saga Continues

  1. Let’s face it, bad news is the best news as far as the media is concerned. They don’t like it when things are going well, so if nothing bad is happening, they resort to “but what if it did?” reports instead.
    Nobody would have bought a newspaper with the headline “Titanic makes it safe into harbour” would they?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Some would have bought that newspaper if it read “Titanic Sets New Transatlantic Record In Maiden Voyage.” ….which is a big part of the reason why they were going too fast and plowed into that big ass ice cube. Unfortunately, we’ve failed to realize how these two kind of events are connected.

  2. Just goes to show you that we rarely really know what’s going on behind the scenes! And since when does the media make money reporting good stuff?

  3. In no time at all I believe we will see “Made In North Korea” on a lot of clothing items and other stuff at the big retail stores.

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