How Did The Slacker Generation Produce These?

Another Saturday and another weekend begins….

My daughter is what some call Generation X or what others call the Slacker Generation…..recently with the deaths in Florida the students have become activists and have been protesting for better gun laws…..but the question has come out…how did a generation of slackers produce these children dedicated to protest?

Read an article that has tackled this question……

I, for one, welcome our new teenage overlords. Over the past six weeks — since the February 14 mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida — the generation born in the 2000s has stepped up in new and extraordinary ways. They’ve participated in town halls, they’ve staged walkouts, they’ve marched and they’ve presented action plans for positive, sensible change. If, like me, you’re lucky enough to have teenagers in your life, the passion and and integrity of these adolescent leaders comes as no great surprise. The only real mystery is how the generation that was literally called “slacker” managed to become the parents of these badasses.

The prevailing image of my Gen-X peers is of mumbly, flannel-wearing whatevers. Our cultural influence appears limited to Smashing Pumpkins and the anguished early seasons of “The Real World.” We associate boomers with student protest. We associate millennials with innovation. We associate our own youth with zines and Chanel Vamp. And then we look at our own kids and are dazzled at how motivated they are in their energy and their ability to mobilize.

As an activist from days gone by…I am proud to see these children stepping up and demanding that society do something about all the deaths, especially deaths of children.

Grand kids of radicals….apparently radicalism is like male pattern baldness….it skips a generation.


28 thoughts on “How Did The Slacker Generation Produce These?

  1. I associate Boomers with selling out, Gen X-ers with giving up without trying and Millennials with masturbation…(both literal & metaphoric). There just aren’t that many people still alive who are worth much of anything.

    While I wish it wasn’t the case and that aging activists do have reason to hope…the main reason these young people are doing anything is because their utterly worthless parents let them run the show. They’ve never heard the word “No” before and are used to getting what they want. Right now, they want to not get shot. (In America? The nerve of them!)

    However, I really doubt any of their actions will go beyond themselves and their wants…and toward a “great society”. The very concept all but died decades ago. All these kids have ever known is a hyper-individualist society.

    I’m really curious what happens when they get told “No.” for the first time in their lives. That’s a much better test…Oh, and if they bother to vote rather than just make demands of their political “parents”.

    1. I think they have potential… will depend on so many things….this kid Hogg seems to being told NO well….he fights back and he seems to be winning….at least for now….chuq

      1. Maybe…but I think this Hogg kid has a “crash & burn” in his future. Just far too much on his skinny shoulders to carry for long. If not, somebody out there will “crash & burn” him for him…literally, if required. Hopefully, he can make a comeback from it. Then you might see something.

        As I said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and wishing them well…but as usual, I’m not about to get my hopes up.

  2. I’m half with you, and half with Sedate Me on this one. I can only speak for the UK, but most under-19s I come across are consumed with celebrities, Netflix, and video games. They have no interest in politics, zero sense of responsibility, and think the world owes them a living. They demand that their parents run them around like free taxis, and expect to live at home rent free until they are fed-up or 40.

    But speaking as a boomer, I don’t think I ever really sold out. I was active in politics until I was 60, as well as being heavily involved in unions. I was always branded a ‘troublemaker’ and ‘commie’, but stuck it out until I retired.

    As for ‘your’ half, if you personally know some good teens who are active, committed, and concerned, then I take your word for that, and say ‘well done’ to them. Maybe American teens are showing the way? I hope so.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. We have similar backgrounds….these kids are going further than anyone on this gun thingy….they may crap out but they are giving it a go….I think they will continue on….chuq

    2. As I always say “If you’re half with Sedate Me, at least you’re half right.” …(hehehe)

      To clarify, I was talking in broad generalizations and playing “word association”. There are always exceptions that prove the rule. Even today’s worthless young’erns have some decent examples amongst them. But the problem is that the generalizations represent the bulk of their populaces. In a democracy, the bulk are albatrosses around the necks of those exceptions. Overcoming stupidity & apathy has got to be the #1 problem of anyone trying to accomplish anything good. Especially in today’s mindless cultural landscape. Trying to do good today is like buying yourself a one-way ticket to the nuthouse. My brief time at it almost made me “go postal”.

      As always, the key to any success is the ability to have each others back. Lefties are REALLY good at infighting. It’s the kind of fighting they’re best at. How else does the 1% continue to win, even in democratic elections where they only represent 1%?

      Solidarity is why I’m giving these otherwise completely worthless little rat-bastards a break on this one.

  3. Nothing will change so long as the Big Gun Interests control the American Dialogue and Big Gun INterests and Big Money are in bed together and as long as that is how things are … nothing is going to change regardless of who protests and who does not.

    1. Maybe so but we were told that in my day and it proved to be a wrongful prediction……at least the kids are trying and that is heads above our Congress and our president.

      1. “These” kids need to go a little hungry from time to time and they also need to get their lazy asses out into a field somewhere and do a day’s worth of hard labor at least once in their lives.

      2. Child labor was abolished…these kids leading the protests know what it is like to hear a gun fired in anger….something most Americas have no idea…..I will listen to them every time and criticize those that have no idea what it is like

      3. No one is blaming the gun they are asking for commonsense laws….NRA has been pushing that line for decades… is an equal distribution in mental to gun ratio…..and NO one is coming for anyone’s guns…..another tried and true BS slogan.

      4. Then why the increase in cops? At least in my area the force has doubled in the last 10 years….maybe they are focusing on the wrong topic.

      5. The increase in cops is due to plans by the Left to take more control of personal lives. The goal is one cop for every person living.

      6. Sorry I do not see it….since the Right is supposedly the “law and order” party….the increases at least here has been under GOP guidance so the Left had little input around here.

      7. No I saw it for my father was a police officer and I kept watch on anything that would involve him and his pension….so I was well aware of what the local PD did….

      8. By the way, it was not a wrongful prediction because it is just as true today as it ever was .. the Guns still have a stranglehold on the congress and the minds of the people.

      9. I never doubted that… infantile as the gun crush is….it is more about money and profit with these people…..the 2nd is just a vehicle to achieve those ends….

      10. John is …sort of right about protest. Today’s Powers That Be don’t even care if we march the streets shooting up everything in our way. However, protest does force the Powers That Aren’t (ie Democrats) to at least pick a side, or “justify” their inaction. Maybe some of them can get “Primaried” and replaced with less gun-worshipping candidates. That alone is a HUGE (but still insignificant) “victory”.

        Also, this is more of a long-term-momentum kind of thing. That was Occupy Wall Street’s big problem. It ended when the pepper spray ran out. The NRA didn’t take over in a day, so it will take more than a day to liberate Washington from their death-grip. This kids in the street are actually in it for their grandchildren. That’s how long this is gonna take.

        And Child Labour was abolished??? Since when? I haven’t been served in a place of business by a single person over the legal Age of Consent yet this year!!!

  4. Where the 20 first graders’ parents came together to try to change the gun scene and have had limited success, nothing like surviving a school shooting and being articulate to give the teen activists like Hogg credibility and a chance at making that change come about. Not only do they have the experience of being under fire, they have the age to be able to vote this year or in the 2020 election. Let the Congressmen and -women and Senators who think they are safe crap their pants because there are forces besides the Lakeland teens that are tired of the corruption in Trumplandia and the inertia and unwillingness to work for America instead of special interests in Congress. Let the heads roll! (Oh, wait! I’m a Boomer so I’ve given up. Never! NEVER!)

    1. Well said…..I like what these kids are doing….it is about time Americans return to the protest stage and help change come about…..hope you have a good Sunday….chuq

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