Saudis Make History

Another Sunday and another weekend……sunny, clouds and a cool breeze…..the perfect day…..

The new Saudi Crown Prince is making news plus he has hired a PR firm and has come to the throne of power in the US to meet with the ruler extraordinaire….

First the Saudis made history by showing a movie…..Let’s right made history by showing a movie…..

The lights dimmed and the crowd of men and women erupted into applause and hoots as Hollywood’s blockbuster Black Panther premiered in Saudi Arabia’s first movie theater. Though it was a private, invitation-only screening on Wednesday evening, for many Saudis it marked one of the clearest moments of change to sweep the country in decades, the AP reports. It’s seen as part of a new era in which women will soon be allowed to drive and people in the kingdom will be able to go to concerts and fashion shows, and tuck into a bucket of popcorn in a cinema. “This is a historic day for your country,” Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment, told the crowd at the screening. “It’s been about 37 years since you’ve been able to watch movies the way movies are meant to be watched in a theater, together on a big screen.”

Authorities said the public would be able to purchase tickets online on Thursday for showings starting Friday. But there may be delays. Movies screened in Saudi cinemas will be subject to approval by government censors, and Wednesday night’s premiere was no exception. Scenes of violence were not cut, but a final scene involving a kiss was axed. Still, it’s a stark reversal for a country where public movie screenings were banned in the 1980s during a wave of ultraconservatism that swept Saudi Arabia. Many Saudi clerics view Western movies and even Arabic films made in Egypt and Lebanon as sinful. Despite decades of ultraconservative dogma, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has pushed through a number of major social reforms with support from his father, King Salman, to satiate the desires of the country’s majority young population.

Making history…..allowing Saudis to participate in something the rest of the world has enjoyed for about 100 years… that is progress!

There is more….

I do not know if my readers remember that the Saudis have a real dislike for Qatar……the war of words just took a silly turn from the Saudis……they hate Qatar so much they want to contaminate part of the Arabian Peninsula with nuke waste just to make a point….

Saudi Arabia has been accused of attempting to cut off former British protectorate Qatar from international trade with plans for a new military base and nuclear-waste burial site close to its border.

Riyadh is said to want to build a new industrial and economic hub and excavate a waterway along Qatar’s sole land border, allowing shipping to bypass the emirate.

News of the plan has prompted fears that Qatar, which has large natural reserves of oil and gas, could be cut off and effectively turned into an island.


I can now understand why the Saudis love Trump…..both are petty tyrants……birds of a feather crap together…..or something like that….

Sunday is about to begin and I want to wish all my friends and readers a great day filled with joy and love……chuq

2 thoughts on “Saudis Make History

  1. Showing censored films to a special audience is hardly progress for a country that pulls the puppet strings of the western world whilst maintaining an out of date system of laws in its own land. If I was a film producer, I would refuse to let them have any copies.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am with you on this… is just silly bu5 the best thing is turning Qatar into an island….talk about hair brain ideas….chuq

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