Impact Of War On Foreign Policy

AS a foreign policy wonk I like to read just how our wars have impacted our foreign policies going forward.  World War One is very telling it was our first international war and our policies were changed after the end of that war….

A new book covers the US foreign policy changes after WW1…………

The United States, disenchanted with war, disenfranchised by financial crisis, and ready to embrace populism and isolationism faces dual challenges. A rising Asian power, seeking to up-end the established international order, and a series of protracted and controversial small wars.

Surprisingly, this is not a description of the current state of world affairs, but the picture that emerges from Carew’s study of the inter-war years, an era that saw U.S. policy makers faced with challenges that will resonate with their modern counterparts. But history does not repeat and it rarely rhymes, for the differences between 1938 and today are as stark as the similarities due in no small part to the legacy of the First World War.

The US has so many wars in the fire I am wondering just how these conflicts will effect our foreign policy…..we have not seemed to change our military ops very well…..can we find it in our DNA to find a good foreign policy… all the suffering and sorrow that we spread today.


One thought on “Impact Of War On Foreign Policy

  1. I always think of this quote from von Clausewitz, when it comes to international diplomacy and policies.
    “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”
    Best wishes, Pete.

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