Closing Thought–13Apr18

The poisoning of the ex-Russian spy in England got me to thinking about my youth and all the spy novels that I read…of course the sex was a cool part but I also was interested in the ways there were to kill their opponents…..poisoning was one way….but do you know some of the most clever ways?

One final note….that poisoned spy and his daughter now that they are getting better may be in for a move…

A former Russian spy and his daughter who were poisoned by a nerve agent are not only feeling better, they may move to America. A top Whitehall official tells the Sunday Times that Sergei and Yulia Skripal could be “offered new identities” and relocated to the West—if not the US, then another country in the “five eyes” intelligence-sharing agreement that also includes New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. “The obvious place to resettle them is America because they’re less likely to be killed there and it’s easier to protect them there under a new identity,” the source says, per Reuters. The source adds that MI6 intelligence has been talking to the CIA about resettling the Skripals. The British Foreign Office is yet to say anything about the report.

Maybe then the next time an attempt is made on his life the US will get all the press….after all is that not what it is all about?


2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–13Apr18

  1. I actually begin to wonder if anything really happened in Salisbury. The fact that nobody except the supposed targets and a police officer were involved just means it could all just be a huge bluff, with the Skripals conveniently moved to the US to avoid any follow-up issues. I wouldn’t put anything past the machinations of the UK and US secret services, to be honest.
    Same as Syria. False Flags, every time for me.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree that something smells about this attack……and then once they are here they will become just Boris and Natasha Smith from Peroia……..chuq

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