What Is The ‘National Guard’?

My Closing Thought–12Apr18

The big story last week was that Pres. Trump has ordered the National Guard to the border to fight immigration problems…..my thinking is that the National Guard is under the control of the state and the reserves controlled by the federal government…..

Is my thinking accurate?

President Donald Trump recently announced his plan to dispatch National Guard troops to the southern border to assist with security efforts.

The Army National Guard is the oldest defense force in the nation, formed in 1636 as three militia regiments in the Massachusetts Bay Colony armed to defend against the Pequot Indians.

The actual term “National Guard” was first used in 1824 for New York state militia units who wished to honor the Marquis de Lafayette and his French National Guard. The title was officially adopted in 1903 and describes the force which, unusually, falls under both federal and state control.


Did this answer any questions that you may have about the use of the National Guard?


13 thoughts on “What Is The ‘National Guard’?

  1. As I understand it, the NG is like a part-time volunteer army, a lot like the British Territorial Army. But it tends to be used in situations of public disorder too, something that rarely happens with the Territorial Army here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The NG can be federalized, and National Guard deployments to the southern border are nothing new. They provide support in areas of surveillance, mobility and logistics. I’m not really seeing the outrage here…….if our own military cannot [at least via assistance] control our own borders, we stand in stark contrast to not only the majority of the planet, but also of history.

    1. When I was in the National Guard we received a lot of training in Civilian Crowd Control in the event of riot situations and we were used to directing parking at Fairs and other events. The Guard can be nationalized in event of a national emergency or for use in wars as they were in the Korean Conflict. The President has broad powers under the Federal Emergency Management Act to use national guard troops to protect and preserve when America is under threat of one kind or another. NG cannot be used strictly in the sense of Law Enforcement but I have never seen a case where they could not augment Law Enforcement. Remember how they were used to preserve order during the Civil Rights disturbances. They have been sent to the borders before and when they go they go legitimately and legally.

    2. Thanx I did a little more research on the NG…..I just do not like the fact that we are using someone other than the force we pay to do it…..chuq

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