Treason And Incompetency

Let’s do a history lesson about our early days of struggle…..

The early days of our fight for independence had our share of chaos and characters…..after the war for independence also had its characters……

Of course, along with Arnold, Aaron Burr stands out in American History as one of its quintessential villains. In addition to killing Alexander Hamilton in their famous duel, he later plotted an insurrection to form a separate country in the American Southwest.

But Burr wasn’t a lone conspirator; he had allies whom he would rely upon to carry out his nefarious activities.


3 thoughts on “Treason And Incompetency

  1. The thing about the Revolutionary War that always stands out for me, is how many decided not to revolt, and to fight on the side of the British, or abstain. I think the figure is around 20%, some 500,000 of the population at the time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. As a Canuck, the descendants of United Empire Loyalists live all around me. Those damn Yankee terrorists treated them like shit.

      Arnold was a traitor, who turned into a heroic Patriot. He should be knighted, or something.

    2. True and they were treated as the ‘enemy’ and afterwards their land and possessions were confiscated…….total wankers we were….chuq

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