Causes Of War: A Theory Analysis

After my tours of duty in the day’s war zones I went to university to study International Relations and Conflict Management….the studies were tough and thanx to the GI Bill they were almost totally paid for so I was fortunate to not be saddled with student debt.

War is a fascinating subject to study that is if you have the mind for it….if not then some will find it tedious and manufacturing headaches.  Personally, I found it anything but tedious so much so that I went on to grad school…..

Ever since my graduation I have worked to help people understand war… that has been a chore to say the least for most people could care less these days….war means nothing when your head is buried in social media…..

Enough of my remembrances…..below is a paper that analyzes the causes of war by Kyle Amonson……

War and conflict has been as much a constant in human history as humans. As Kenneth Waltz states, “there is no peace in a condition of anarchy,” and there will always be a form of anarchy as long as human nature is a variable in our complex domestic and international systems. Many scholars have analyzed the causes of war on a state-by-state-basis, other writers believe that it is possible to provide a wider, more generalized explanation (Baylis et al, 2017, pg. 239).  Additionally, many well-known international relations theorists have applied forms of theoretical framework to understand how and why we create friction in our societies, focusing on a variety of aspects, from international institutions to gender. For neorealist writers such as John Mearsheimer, international politics is not characterized by these constant wars, but nevertheless a relentless security competition, as we will discuss in this essay.

There are many immediate contributing factors of war, and this essay will discuss them, but it will initially focus on the generalized explanation of human nature in the pursuit of security as the primary cause of war. This essay will define war in the international and historical sense, then analyze human nature’s role in conflict, followed by human nature’s projection on the nation state and finally conclude with the most frequent manifestations of conflict and conclusion.

I just would like for people to try and understand war and its many aspects……yes, I am an anti-war geek and try to help people see why there needs to be an end to the conflicts that do so much damage to regions, people and ideas.

States engage in war to satisfy their human need for safety and security. This allows states to establish stable societies where they can live in status quo with their ideology, religion and culture of choice. The human aspect of society directly reflects in the state and the decisions that state makes.


2 thoughts on “Causes Of War: A Theory Analysis

  1. Wars of acquisition, wars of religion, wars of greed, and wars of hate. It seems that human beings cannot exist without some form of war, so I doubt it will ever go away.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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