Sen. Cotton Gets A Slap Down

Since he slithered into the US Senate Arkansas’ Tom Cotton has shown me nothing but self-absorption….he has done little to benefit the nation but everything to further his position in the government…..he has become the mouthpiece of the Israeli government making him an agent for a foreign nation.

Plus he has no problem lying to further his rise to the tower of power…..this person will do whatever it takes to protect his position even to the point of throwing the nation under the bus…..

Senator Tom Cotton is often called a foreign policy “hawk,” not least because he is eager to intervene in Iran. Cotton, the Republican from Arkansas who has at times been rumored to be in line for the position of CIA director, recently confirmed his stance on Tehran, telling radio host Hugh Hewitt: “Whether [Donald Trump] renews the sanctions waivers under the nuclear deal or not, the president should certainly impose new sanctions in the other authorities he has as punishment for what the regime has done during these protests over the last couple of weeks.” If that sounds relatively mild, a year ago, he was much more candid: “The policy of the United States should be regime change in Iran…I don’t see how anyone can say America can be safe as long as you have in power a theocratic despotism.”

While Cotton wonders about American safety, it might be more prudent to ask about the potential dangers of his strategy. What imminent threats to the lives or liberties of the American people, if any, are currently posed by Iran? After long and largely fruitless military struggles in the region, what has been gained? What could be gained with this new theater of operations? What might be lost?

We have enough self-centered toads in the government….we needs reps that take the Constitution seriously and not as a prop for political purposes…..Uncle Tom Cotton is NOT one of those people.


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