Syria: The Invasion Begins

ISIS is all but completely wiped out…..the US has said it will remain in Syria until Assad is gone…..the Kurds are still a thorn in Turkey’s ass and this is where this post picks up….since the US media has been silent on this situation…..I feel  I must step up and be the voice that the public needs.

Following up on a flurry of Friday artillery strikes against Kurdish forces in the Afrin District on northern Syria, Turkish warplanes carried out a large number of airstrikes against the small district, with at least 108 strikes reported, leaving the towns’ streets empty, and locals panicking.

Syria’s government complained Turkey hadn’t informed them of the attacks, adding that they “strongly condemn” Turkish aggression. Syria had threatened to target Turkish warplanes raiding their airspace, however, and there’s so far no sign of this happening.

Instead the US-backed Kurds are getting hammered from the air, and Turkey is now not only massing their own troops at the Afrin border, but has bused in thousands of Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels to attack the Kurds as well.

Afrin District is relatively low-value, except that Turkey has long maintained Syrian Kurds aren’t allowed west of the Euphrates, and this is the westernmost district under Kurdish control. Turkish officials have said after Afrin, the city of Manbij will be attacks, then Kurdish border territories east of the Euphrates.


This could draw the US into an expanding role in Syria…..could draw the US into conflict with Russia and even Turkey , an ally……none of this bodes well for the US or its troops.

The US State Department has issued a statement Friday warning that reports of Turkey attacking the Kurdish YPG in northern Syria are a significant destabilizing event, and would not help Turkey with its concerns about border security.

The statement made it clear the US, at the time, was unclear if Turkey’s attack was true, though Turkey’s Defense Ministry has since clarified the invasion is underway, and that there is no stopping it.

So from Turkey’s perspective, they’ve already waited out ISIS, and see it as time for their long-anticipated attack on the Kurds. With the US having heavily backed the Kurds against ISIS, this is going to be a major source of tensions between the US and Turkey.


A new year and a new war, the expansion of an older conflict,  the US military will have to pay the price.

8 thoughts on “Syria: The Invasion Begins

  1. On the news here, we saw film reports of Turkish tanks and artillery firing on Kurdish positions inside Syria. There was a statement from the Assad government that they would respond to any air strikes inside their territory too. Seeing as Turkey provides bases for NATO to operate from, I doubt the western allies will complain about them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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