Syria: The Rest Of The Story

2018 is the year that a foreign policy wonk will be the most important person….why you may ask…..

A year ago the media and the president and his men could not talk enough about Syria…..and now you cannot find a word on the MSM news sites…..but just because there is nothing on FOX News does not mean there is nothing happening…..

Well everyone is patting themselves on the back with the defeat of ISIS and the caliphate…..well that is what Trump and his minions would have you believe….ISIS is not gone and will not be forgotten.

First….the caliphate may be all but a memory…..but the emirate looms large……in the city of Idlib….that would be Syria…….

While the representatives of Free Syria Army (FSA) are in Washington soliciting the Trump administration to restore the CIA’s ‘train and equip’ program for the Syrian militants that was shuttered in July last year, hundreds of Islamic State’s jihadists have joined the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ in Idlib in their battle against the advancing Syrian government troops backed by the Russian airstrikes to liberate the strategically important Abu Duhur airbase, according to a recent AFP report [1] by Maya Gebeily.

The Islamic State already had a foothold in neighboring Hama province and its infiltration in Idlib seems to be an extension of its outreach. On January 12, the Islamic State officially declared Idlib one of its ‘Islamic governorates,’ has reportedly captured five villages and claimed to had killed two dozen Syrian soldiers and taken 20 hostages.

We will ignore the emirate thingy…..Tillerson has stated recently that there will be a open end presence for troops in Syria……

Pentagon officials have been indicating for quite some time that they have no intention of leaving Syria, but Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, on Wednesday, finally set out the new US policy goals aimed at justifying what he described as an “open-ended” deployment.

Instead of a “counter-terror” operation focused on ISIS, the US presence is now also intended to generally fight against Iranian influence, to facilitate refugee returns to Syria and, most scandalously, to “ensure the departure of the Assad regime.”

The US has long insisted on regime change in Syria, but never before suggested that their military deployment in the country was anything to do with that, let alone that the US might try to impose regime change militarily.

With the legal justification for the US deployment in Syria already shaky, at best, with no authorization from the Syrian government, re-positioning the war away from ISIS and toward a war with the Syrian government and its allies makes an open-ended deployment even less tenable.


First of all Tillerson is SecState not SecDef….so any use of US troops should be made by the SecDef…..and I guess we have returned to the old days of nation building.

I guess everyone is worried about Iran…….only because Israel wants it that way…..


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