Hollywood: America’s Propaganda Machine

I have been calling Hollywood and their movies as part of the propaganda machine here in the US……that brings me to the movie “The Darkest Hour”…basically a Churchill feel good piece…..but let’s look at Churchill shall we?

A man who starved 4 million to death in India, facilitated Zionism & Wahhabism in the Mid East, ordered a massacre of anti-Nazi protesters in Greece, conceived Black & Tans to terrorise Ireland & sought to keep Kenya’s fertile land for white settlers was voted the greatest Briton.

Stuff that is left out of the story about Churchill….but that is typical of Hollywood…

She staggers on to the screen, blood streaming from her face. Some of her wounds are flesh ones, but others are deep. Nobody cares, because her performance is sensational. Her name is truth, and she has taken a terrible beating.

The new thriller All the Money in the World, based on the kidnap of John Paul Getty III in 1973, carries an announcement that it is “inspired by” true events and that its genre is “history”. What does that mean, since some of it is clearly not true? Why not say it is “inspired by lies”, and its genre is fiction? That would be true.

Likewise, promotion for the latest Churchill movie, Darkest Hour, says that the actor Gary Oldman “is Churchill”. Everyone, including the great man, is made up to appear as in real life. We are asked to treat it as true. Yet it includes a fabricated scene, out of character, in which he chats on the tube with ordinary people, clearly to make him look good. If that is not true, how much else “isn’t Churchill”? Some of it; most of it; or all of it?


What better weapon in a propaganda war than the movies?

The newest propaganda piece is “12 Strong”……we  seem to always win the war at the end of these movies…..


10 thoughts on “Hollywood: America’s Propaganda Machine

    1. -Hollywood does not help in the study of history…..this new film “12 Strong” makes it look like we won the Afghanistan war….distort at best….chuq

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