From Iran With Love

Recently US ambassador Nikki Haley had a meet and greet in some warehouse where she presented a bunch of “evidence” that Iran is providing missiles to the Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, that are being used against the Saudis.

While the US has long accused Iran of having directly and heavily armed Yemen’s Houthi movement, and Iran has denied any such thing, concrete proof has remained elusive. This continues to be the case, though a new UN report is likely to continue to fuel allegations.

The UN panel says they’ve found that Iran is in violation of the Yemen arms embargo, and that there is evidence that some of the missiles the Houthis have contain components that originated in Iran after the embargo was in place.


She had all this “evidence” that she presented to the UN and now the kicker…..

…….there’s no evidence the Iranian government actually provided any of this, and rather the panel is simply saying that the Iranian government’s violation was failing to prevent such transfers.

That part of the rhetoric will not make it into the conversation….all the US and Saudis will do is present this as “Iran sent missiles to the Houthis”….in other words they will lie to gain the upper hand with Iran.

There is so much more……

Saudis have had a couple planes shot down by those “Iranian missiles”…..then there is another wrinkle in the lies spread by Haley and her Saudi proxies……

Houthi rebels announced they had built a new locally designed missile to fight against the Saudi-led alliance. And now the rebels are threatening to block the Red Sea shipping lane if the coalition keeps pushing towards the western port city of Hudaida – which the Houthis control.

The Houthi are building their own missiles…..if true then they do not need ones supposedly built in Iran…

But this story will not be part of the conversation for it craps on the lies the US is spreading about Iran.

Time for there to be some truth being told about this conflict….The UN has called Yemen the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with eight million people on the brink of famine. Thousands of others are suffering from malnutrition and disease, including cholera.  The fighting has killed at least 10,000 people and displaced millions more.

That is the only truth that is important.


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