Afghanistan: The Rest Of The Story

Do I need to point out that  Afghanistan is the US longest war?  I didn’t think so.

Every president since Bush2 has pretended that there is some sort of grand plan for the conflict in Afghanistan… has been a lie since 2001….some say that the key to Afghanistan is through Pakistan….

As 2018 begins, Pakistan has not stopped its support of terrorists and insurgents in Afghanistan, and elsewhere, in any fundamental ways.

America and its Coalition partners have now been at war in Afghanistan for six years longer than the Soviets were at war in Afghanistan.

There are a number of reasons why the war in Afghanistan is a protracted stalemate, but a huge one lies in the delusion that portrayed Pakistan as a friend and, until now, impaired clear-eyed thinking about a strategy for Pakistan.

The reason for the stalemate is the support and sanctuary that the Pakistani security establishment has continued to provide to the enemies of the Afghans, Americans and the Coalition partners.

Pakistan is the hideout for many within the Taleban and has been since the early days of America’s involvement…..the Taleban has been a thorn in the US collective butt….but what is most amazing is that the US needs the Taleban intact to justify its time in Afghanistan…..

I read an interview with some people from Afghanistan about the necessity of the Taleban for the US and its proxies…..

“Whoever sits in the White House will continue to serve the 1% and spread wars across the world, to maintain the US hegemony. Many corporations, arms manufacturers and corporate-employed mercenaries, benefit from the war itself, or from extravagant reconstruction opportunities the war destruction creates. The increase in the number of US troops is not to secure the country or annihilate the US creations, the Taliban and ISIS, but rather a show of US power to rivals, Russia, China and Iran.

Despite all their differences, the US and Iran’s aim in Afghanistan converge on one point: the promotion of fundamentalist thought, and continued support for the most reactionary, dark-minded and criminal fundamentalist elements. While the US killed hundreds of Afghan revolutionaries and freedom-fighters through its fundamentalist mercenaries in the 1980s and 90s, it used these tactics to prevent the rise of nationalist, freedom-fighting and independent figures and forces that would resist its occupation and bullying,”

The US will continue to fight and die in Afghanistan as long as it stays profitable…..and the president and his minions will continue to lie as long as the M-IC needs then to do so.


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