Is Sudan Next?

AS an analyst of conflict I am always on the outlook for the next possible conflict that could drag the US into participation……after reading various reports and watching situations the possibility of Sudan as the next region of conflict…..

My friends at Middle East Monitor has issued a warning….

With the recall of Sudan’s Ambassador from Egypt, the closure of the Eritrean Border and a recent visit by Turkey’s President in which a Turkish takeover of a strategic island port fuelled uncertainty, it is safe to say that Sudan has moved closer than ever before to direct military conflict with its neighbours. The country now finds itself preparing its strategy to deal with major geopolitical issues facing the region.

The relative calm was arguably first disturbed by the Sudanese President’s visit to Sochi on 23 November last year, where he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Omar Al-Bashir’s brief encounter set off a chain of reactions adding disquiet to the already tense atmosphere between his country and Egypt, and served to worry Sudan’s neighbours across the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.

I will keep an eye on this situation.


9 thoughts on “Is Sudan Next?

    1. Turkey is a strange bird….to me it looks like they will try to re-establish the old Ottoman Empire in territory….they are eyeing N. Syria, Libya, Lebanon, etc….they will be interesting to keep an eye on in the future…..chuq

  1. The British were involved in wars with Sudan as long ago as 1881. That country has always been a hotbed of conflict, since the days of Ancient Egypt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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