Closing Thought—09Jan18

…I seldom post on religion simple because it is none of my business what you choose to believe…..but when I read something about religion that I think needs attention….then I post.

In Islam one of the “Pillars” of the religion is the Hajj….Muslims are should make a pilgrimage to Mecca in the lifetime if they are capable of doing so.

The story is the Qatar is embroiled in a conflict with Saudi Arabia and its allies and that the country is preventing the Qataris from executing an obligation they have as Muslims………

Saudi Arabia has been accused of preventing Qatari pilgrims from performing the Umrah pilgrimage, according to a social media account and a Qatari newspaper report.

In its editorial on Thursday, the Al-Raya newspaper said Saudi Arabia has been taking arbitrary measures against Qatari pilgrims visiting Mecca.

Amid Qatar’s ongoing diplomatic dispute with Saudi Arabia and its allies, which began in June 2017, Qatari nationals have reported trouble trying to perform pilgrimages in Saudi Arabia.

I have a problem with the Saudis being this petty and preventing fellow Muslims from completing the obligation to God.


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