Middle East Scorecard

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Charles Manson, the cult leader whose hippie followers terrorized Los Angeles with seven gruesome murders in 1969, has died after almost 50 years behind bars. He was 83. The California Department of Corrections says Manson, whose death sentence for orchestrating the killings was commuted to life imprisonment in 1972, died of natural causes Sunday night at a hospital in Kern County, the AP reports.

Let’s get to something more important…..

For too long most Americans have NO idea who is who in the Middle East…..mostly they only know what the MSM tells them and then it is who we are at war with at any given day.

I have found a source which will  help my reader with their knowledge of the Middle East and who is who in the game being played by the Western world……

Each has its own powerful allies, and enemies, in the region. Here is where the key players stand.


Now you too can follow the game of Risk that is being played………

But wait!  Wonder Boy Jared has been given orders to settle the Middle East thing…..

I was in my room in the Baghdad Hotel on al-Sadoun street last Sunday evening, writing about the chances for stability in Iraq taking hold, when the walls and floor began to shake. They jerked sideways and up and down several times as if my room was the cabin of boat in a rough sea.

My first confused thought was – this being Baghdad – that there must have been some huge bomb explosion, which would explain the rocking motion of everything around me. But almost simultaneously, I realised that I had not heard the sound of an explosion, so a better explanation was that there was an earthquake, though I had never thought of Baghdad as being in an earthquake zone.


Send in an amateur to fix the Middle East….is anyone else laughing as hard as me?

Even long time pros are finding it a hard nut to crack and now we have Wonder Boy that will do it on command….gets funnier every time I hear it.


9 thoughts on “Middle East Scorecard

  1. It’s only the Middle East, if you are East of the region. Do China and India refer to the area as the Middle West? LOL. The Earth is an earthquake zone, Depends on point of view.

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