Fearless Leader Returns Home


I kept up with our president at each of the stops he made on his record breaking trip….and as far as I could see nothing was accomplished with the exception of some photo ops…..nothing of substance was ever on the agenda…..

Apparently I am noy alone in my concern with the lousy trip that Fearless Leader has just return from……

Harry Kazianis previewed Trump’s Asia trip two weeks ago and was cautiously optimistic that it could be successful. I assumed it would be closer to a repeat of his first trip abroad. He returns today with a much grimmer assessment:

But the leader of the free world should have at least some idea of what is happening across the globe, and some policy strategy to match. Instead, what we saw during Trump’s tour of Asia was a series of incoherent rants, no vision or grand strategy for the future, and a strange bromance-style of foreign policy.

The notable thing about Trump’s “bromance-style” approach to foreign leaders is that he seems to think they are as impressed by his flattery as he is by theirs. The president’s chumminess with Xi, Duterte, or anyone else isn’t going to persuade them to make more concessions to the U.S., but foreign leaders have learned that it is fairly easy to buy Trump’s affection by putting on big displays and catering to his tastes when he visits. Obama was often faulted by pundits for not cultivating close personal relationships with foreign leaders, but Trump has gone to the opposite extreme by doing almost nothing but that. That causes him to be weirdly deferential to foreign leaders in a way that goes far beyond trying to maintain good relations.


We have no new trade agreements….North Korea is still a powder keg…..China is still kicking our butts in trade…..but Japan was bullied into buying a lot of weaponry it does not need…..and all in all it was a happy time for all……but he did offer to arbitrate the South China Sea disputes because he says “he is a very good mediator”…..

In Hanoi during a press conference with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, before heading to Manila, the final stop of his five-nation Asia/Pacific tour, Trump boasted about being “a very good mediator and arbitrator.”

What he considers mediation and arbitration, China and other nations call unacceptable meddling in their internal affairs.


All in all it was a waste of taxpayer money…..photo ops was all that came from this trip.


20 thoughts on “Fearless Leader Returns Home

      1. Personal life has its ups and downs at the moment. Getting older, etc.
        Nationally, the country is consumed by Brexit. It has become a ‘Civil war’, with words instead of weapons. Friends and families divided, unforeseen bitterness, and a serious attempt to completely overturn the referendum. Something that would never have been tolerated if the vote had gone the other way, I assure you. It should be viewed as a constitutional crisis, and a mockery of the voting system. Instead, it seems that the pro-EU voters see it as their ‘right’ to ignore the so-called ‘will of the people’. I am so tired of it all now.
        This country is riddled with an archaic class system that is now being perpetuated by the intelligentsia in a new form. The ‘educated elite’ sneer at the working people, and despise their right to vote as they see fit. They are no better than the Victorians who denied voting rights, and they resent losing, just like kids in a playground.
        Best wishes, Pete.

  1. A couple days ago, Emirates (UAE airline / famous UK football team) bought $15B of Boeing jets – to the surprise and disappointment of Airbus who thought they had the deal lined up. That’s about what it looks like when Trump “delivers”. So I’m looking for a Chinese purchase at some point soon. (in exchange for…. who knows)

  2. Seeing Trump conduct himself without the cheering Trumpites behind him puts a glaring exclamation point on his ridiculous personality. Foreign leaders, even the bad ones, still have a certain level of respect for each other. Trump enters the room and all that flies out the window. If ever there was as stereotypical American, it’s Trump, the poster child of what’s wrong with the country.

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