Another Set Back For The Yemen War Opposition

2015 a civil war broke out in the Arabian Peninsula, the country of Yemen…..and of course the Saudis had to get involved as they did in 1934….using some archaic BS about religious sites under attack and they began an air campaign aided by the US that has continued since 2015 and has killed about 16,000 with 10,000 being civilians.

Let’s not forget the cholera epidemic that is raging through the country…..

Yemen’s cholera epidemic has now spread to more than 890,000 cases:

Already struggling to cope with a dire humanitarian crisis, war-torn Yemen is now facing the fastest-growing cholera epidemic ever recorded, with some 895,000 suspected cases as of 1 November, the United Nations relief wing reported Thursday.

While the epidemic has started to slow somewhat, it remains by far the worst and fastest-spreading cholera outbreak on record. There are still millions of malnourished Yemenis at risk of dying from starvation and preventable disease. The Saudi-led coalition war and blockade continue to deprive the civilian population of essential food and medicine. Yemen’s humanitarian crisis is still the worst in the world, and tens of millions are in need of aid. Even if the cholera epidemic has started waning for now, Yemen’s need for for an end to war and a massive relief effort is as great as ever.

Like I said the US is part of the problem and help causing the humanitarian crisis that is brewing in Yemen….the starvation, the disease, the deaths….all are on our heads as well as the Saudis.

A few Congressional people are trying to get the US out of this vicious cycle but Trump and the ilk do not want to abandon the Saudis who are quietly replacing Israel as our BFFs

House Concurrent Resolution 81 is effectively dead, following a surprise bit of sleight of hand by the House Rules Committee. The resolution demanded an end to US involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen, on the grounds that such involvement was never authorized under the War Powers Act.

Under the War Powers Act, any Congressman is able to bring such a legal challenge, and is guaranteed a floor vote on the matter. The H.Con.Res. 81 challenge was offered in early October, and delayed until November 2.

November 1 rolled around, however, and House leadership quickly forced through a Rules Committee vote which changed the rules on H.Con.Res. 81, stripping it of its privileged status (which would have guaranteed a floor vote). Though the War Powers Act guarantees such a resolution privilege, the Rules Committee claimed Yemen doesn’t rise to the level of the War Powers Act applying.

Instead of H.Con.Res. 81, the House leadership is going to allow an alternative “compromise” resolution on Yemen. This will allow debate on whether America’s involvement in the Yemen War is legal, but the vote will be non-binding.

Amid mounting unauthorized US wars around the world, H.Con.Res. 81 was the biggest attempt to enforce the War Powers Act to limit such conflicts. While the Rules Committee technically only stopped a single challenge this way, and the War Powers Act remains on the books, the success of this sort of chicanery means that the Congressional leadership can do the exact same thing to any future challenges.


A joint statement on the move against H.Con.Res. 81 is available here.

The Saudis with the US help have bombed Yemen back into the 10th century AD…..what more can they do to this small country in the name of protecting religious sites?


8 thoughts on “Another Set Back For The Yemen War Opposition

  1. I really don’t know what the Saudis have to do before the world wakes up and condemns them? I sometimes think that they could drive along Hollywood Boulevard machine-gunning civilians, and nothing would be done.
    Pandering to this awful country and its rulers is one of the shames of modern times.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Looks like they want to declare war on Iran now….and with the help of the US. Nikki Haley wants UN to do something about Iran and the missile they sent to the Houthis that was fired at SA….if they do something then should not the US be hit too after all the weapons and ordinance we give SA so they can bomb Yemen into the stone age….chuq

  2. Hi chuq! another take on the situation…Palace Coup in Riyadh … #SaudiArabia
    I think Saudi has lifted the blockade to it last night…best not believe anything under the circumstance….trust you are well. The U.K.sells arms as well..meanwhile the Israeli lobby here is under pressure from us! One account down & now back up & & mouse games continue with twitter or as someone calls it Twatter. 😉

      1. Hey,you…we are under pressure as you can see…not to worry,kinda get used to it. Twatter is being horrid & poor Brendon,activist,is stuck in jail,yet again! Trying to keep up the publicity,but the upper hand & all that appears like a boot stamped across ya face!…we are doing our best,but an uphill struggle under the circumstances….take care u & give the missing toes my love 😉

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