This is an FYI re-blog.

I was having problems with my “Press This” button and sent WP an email for help so far no answer.

But I did find a post from my friend at “Mr. Militant Negro” about the problem …… At least someone is on the ball and it ain’t WP. chuq

The Militant Negro™

After 6 years of blogging on wordpress, which from this point forward in this blog post shall be referred to as WORSTPRESS, I have finally had enough. I put up with much bullshit from this blog hosting site and I have reached my ropes end.

I retired in 2008 from 26 years of being a chef, traveling around the globe cooking for a living. In 2008 I stopped loving the cooking and started dreading going to work. No reason why, just happened. I retired. Quit. Decided there is no reason to spend 14 hours a day on my feet doing something I no longer liked, loved, wanted to continue doing.

Fast forward to 2011 and the start of my blogging career. December 5th, 2011 to be precise. Now before December 5th, 2011, I did blog for a couple of lesser professional blogs on other less desirable blog hosting sites, it was…

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8 thoughts on “WORSTpress Fucks Up AGAIN.

    1. I don’t understand the “Press” thing…that made posting so much easier….why eliminate such a popular and effective feature…….makes little sense to me…..chuq

      1. It sounds as if WP is in a general meltdown again this weekend. I suggest that the removal of the Press button was designed to stop people being able to easily reblog without using the reblog button, thereby transferring all the images, and using up their allowance. But then, I am cynical.
        Best wishes, Pete.

  1. I had a chat with one of the support people yesterday. I was told the functionality was not preserved since so few people used it. I hate the reblog button because of its brain-dead way of pulling images into your blog.

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