World War I Was No Accident

Over a hundred years ago, began in 1914, the World went to war….empire against empire (did you know that all the “Houses” in Europe at the time were ruled by the same family?)

That’s right the leaders of early 20th century Europe were all kin to each other common denominator is UK’s Queen Victoria….

Some historians would have their students believe that the war was started purely by accident…..that the assassination was an accident and if not had occurred then WW1 would not have been fought.

World War I wasn’t an inadvertent war but the result of deliberate German state policy.

To this day, most observers continue to claim that World War I was an inadvertent war: that is, that none of the countries involved particularly wanted war but war came nonetheless. Some claim it was the major armament programs and offensive military doctrines adopted by European countries in the run-up to the war that made WWI inevitable. Others claim it was the hypernationalistic populaces that caused the war. Still others blame the tight alliances that European nations formed in the years prior to WWI, which created an environment in which the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by an anarchist could plunge the entire continent into a bloody war. And then there are those that blame the situation on the irreconcilable interests of a rising Germany and a declining Great Britain. Regardless of the particular explanation invoked, most seem to agree that the war was an accident.

Source: The Great Myth: World War I Was No Accident | The Diplomat

I put this forward because of the way the mash-up between the US and NK is going…..with all the rhetoric there is nothing about it that would look like an accident if worse comes to worse……

History class is done… ain’t learning a wonderful thing?


2 thoughts on “World War I Was No Accident

  1. WW1 was the same as almost all other wars. Big business looking to make money, and speculators hoping for mineral wealth and land grabs. Only the poor ordinary people believed in the patriotic rhetoric.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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